Fireworks, waterworks….

I’ve been meaning for awhile to share some pictures with you that I took of our newest 4th of July tradition. We’ve decided to have an annual water balloon fight. On the afternoon of the 4th this year, my big kids spent a couple hours filling balloons. There were kids filling at almost every sink in the house.

They made enough balloons to fill two large coolers, plus an entire kiddie swimming pool. When Dad drove into the driveway after work, the kids ran to meet him, warning him he’d better change pronto. And then the soaking began. Twenty frantically splattery minutes later, every single water balloon was gone, smashed to confetti in the front yard.

Good fun. The start of another good tradition.

(Anyone know where I can get water balloons really cheap?)

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  1. Looks like a wonderful cool time. Love that family tradition.

    Come by, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.

  2. That’s a fun idea, my kids would love that.

  3. How nice that kids of all ages joined in the fun.

    When I was doing daycare, there were frequent orders to Oriental Trading Company for cheap-but-many items.
    Our VBS Leader also placed orders from the catalog I handed to her.

  4. How funny—we do a big water balloon fight on the Fourth too! This year, my husband and I secretly filled all the balloons. We started it by launching an attack on our unsuspecting kids (knowing which kids would love it and which wouldn’t, we bombarded accordingly). Of course they discovered our stash and got even.

    I bought several hundred balloons at Target, in the summer toy section, for a few dollars. They are cheaply made, which makes filling them a slight challenge, but they explode easily and are the perfect size.

  5. We purchase ours at Walmart, 250 for $1.86. But, I’m sure they can be found cheaper online somewhere. The kids around our house live for water balloon fights in the summer, there always seems to be a cooler full. In the height of summer I’d say we go through 500 a week! I should also mention the Walmart ones are biodegradeable so we feel a bit better about the random ones that get left on the ground sometimes.

  6. What a fabulous tradition!! One I’ll definitely keep in mind for when my girls get a little older. 🙂

  7. I just read your 100 things. I so admire you for adopting kids. I would love to adopt a child one day if finances would allow. I got pregnant when I was 19 and gave my baby to a family that couldnt have children. Its a beautiful story how God used me. We still keep in touch.
    Since then I have had 4 children of my own. Gracie was born in 20 minutes. I had been induced because I have my babies pretty quick and its a 30 minute drive to the hospital. I was laying in the bed and ‘slip’ out she came. The nurse pulled back the blanket and found a little baby laying there.

  8. summershine says:

    That’s such a great idea. Looks like tons of fun.

  9. WE’ve gotten them at the dollar store. 100 balloons in a bag for a dollar seemed like a good deal. I got two bags for 20 kids for the end of year school party, it was a BLAST.

  10. I saw that Target had packages of water balloons in their “Dollar Spot” section at the front of the store. They were marked down 50% off.

  11. What a great tradition! Looks like a good time was had by all.

  12. That looks like fun!

    And so much more fun for the little kids than the big scary fireworks. 🙂

  13. FUN tradition!

  14. very fun!!!

  15. We also have an annual 4th of July water fight. It has been going on in one form or another over a couple of generations now. In our case, the balloons and squirt guns are often surrendered for an actual water hose or 5 gallon pail of water!

  16. so much fun especially for a lot of people all ages. love the pics too!

  17. We’ve done water balloons a couple times this year and my kids love it! It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved in playing together.

    We get our balloons at Walmart or Target. I don’t think they price is very high. Wait for all the summer clearance specials and stock up 🙂