precious to my ears

Actual conversation while reading a story this morning

Me: What’s that?
2 yr old: A chittin. That’s you, mommy! And that’s me.

Me: What’s that one?

2 yr old: A tau. Moooo!

Me: What’s this one?


2 yr old: That’s Mitti. That’s a doddy!!

[Mikki, our dog.]

Me: What’s this one?

2 yr old: Uhhh….I don’t remember….a sheep?
Me: A goat
2 yr old: Oh, a doat.

Me: What’s this one?
dinny pid

2 yr old: A dinny pid!!

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  1. LOL, such a sweet little one, I can almost hear her voice.

  2. What a cutie!!

  3. I love the way little kids talk. They got a language all their own sometimes! Too cute!

  4. Adorable.

  5. tooooooo precious 🙂

    great blog – found you through the blogroll at blogging chicks.. take care and happy day!

  6. I’m in a puddle…

  7. She has the same speech mispronunciations that my son had!! How cute is that?? He couldn’t say the consonants in the back of his throat either. Cars were Tars. Go was Do.

    She’s so precious! I can just see her saying it too!!

  8. We have that book! The goat is always the hard one.

  9. A guinea pig, eh? I’d hate to house one of those in a 10 gallon aquarium! LOL! 😉

    Love and hugs,


  10. i love love love 2 year olds! so sweet!

  11. i just got that same book for our plane ride last week. and my 2 year old doesn’t remember the goat either. how funny!

  12. My favorites are the chittin and the dinny pid. So cute.

  13. I felt like I was right there listening to your conversation, thanks for sharing. I really dislike correcting the words, they are so precious !

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. Awww – adorable. I think I’ve had the same conversation verbatim.

  15. She had a good guess with sheep!