Book Review: A Woman’s True Purpose

Sourcebooks sent me a copy of A Woman’s True Purpose: Live Like You Matter by Dr. Nicole Labeach. Labeach believes that it is essential for women in the midst of the busy chaos of raising a family to remember to nurture ourselves. We need something to give FROM to be able to do a good job by our family. She also emphasizes the importance of not being over-busy with outside committments, and of leaning on God as our source of real strength in life.

In general the message of this book seemed good to me. However, in this hedonistic day and age, we can take even self-care too far. At one end of the spectrum there are women who literally take zero time for anything they enjoy personally, which leaves them completely drained and less able to function well in caring for family. At the other end of the spectrum is the woman who lives at the gym/beauty salon/mall and deprives her family of needed time and attention. (I’m not saying these activites are wrong– just that we have to guard from making them too much of a focus in life).

I think this book would be most helpful for the woman who has a hard time justifying time spent on herself, and who needs some encouragement to help pare down the activities in a too-busy life.

I’ll be giving away a copy of this book in a drawing on Monday morning. If you’re interested in entering the drawing, leave a comment on this post and tell me what you do to restore yourelf when you are feeling drained.

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  1. I don’t want the book (still keeping my fingers crossed for the potty training book!) but I had to add to this post I thought I came across in the Just Posts this month (can’t remember the original source): Your children will treatment themselves, not the way WE treat them, but the way we treat ourselves.

  2. hmm…this one i could use as well…but i agree that potty training book may be more needed. however – given i am the second comment on this one…just maybe shows how many moms out there SHOULD be commenting but aren’t b/c they don’t take some time for themselves. 🙂 just the other day i was talking to a mom who works in an office like i do and said she feels guilty just taking a 20 minute coffee break on the weekend b/c she hasn’t seen her kids “all” week. me? i am still constantly trying to figure this out too. i tend to “pamper” myself only occasionally with maybe a manicure. however – i do admit that i squeeze it in during a time (like when a work lunch cancels) that i am not going to miss my daughter since i am at work so much and have such a bad commute. it is so hard.

  3. My husband gets the hint when I call him nearly in tears. He comes home and takes the kids away without a word. I lock myself in our bedroom, put on some bad tv (like makeover shows, my guilty pleasure!) and then take a hot bath or shower, give myself a facial and pedicure, paint my toenails or take time to do things like pluck eyebrows or deep-condition my hair. I rarely take the time to do these things because I need to focus on my kids. But you know that saying, if Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. It’s true! If I cannot take care of myself and relax once in a while, how can I give my full attention to our children?

  4. Lucretia says:

    Time for myself – what is that exactly? I may need this book since I just discovered a gift certificate my husband gave me at Christmas. Its to my fav. yarn store (I am a truly addicted knitter) but the caveat was that the yarn had to be for me – not the kids or someone else. Still haven’t redeemed the gift. Have only been to the store to buy yarn for baby blankets for others. Hmmm….

  5. I posted an anguish-filled post about needing a break but feeling too guilty to admit it just last week, and was amazed at the support I got from my wonderful readers. So I took myself off to see Harry Potter at midnight on the 11th while J was home and P was sleeping. It really is important to be able to do that, because I think it makes us better mothers. Then again, it took me ages to admit that I needed a break because I felt like I must be a horrible and ungrateful mother to not want to spend every minute with my son.

  6. I “snuck” out one evening, leaving the Vikings with DaHubby, and wandered down to our local library where our area’s knitting club meets every other week.

    Walked in with one ball of yarn and some HUGE needles and asked one of them to show me how to knit! LOL

    In that one evening, those ladies got me cast on and started towards an activity that I’m not necessarily proficient at (yet) but something that does NOT involving children! *wink*

  7. Cathy in Australia says:

    I like to call it “washing away the worries” – my nightly shower. I have to do it using the timer, because we’re in quite a serious drought – but I give myself 4 minutes. (i only let the kids have 2 mins to justify it!)
    In summer, about 4 times a year I have a swim at the beach too, for the same purpose. Once you get your head under those waves, all the worries are gone.
    Every afternoon I have a drink of milo which I just love.
    That’s how I refresh myself!!! YAY!!!