Someone needing comfort

Will you all please consider stopping by and sharing an encouraging word with this gal? My heart and prayers go out to her.

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  1. I’ll go check it out and see if I can encourage her today!

  2. Umm Skandar says:

    I hate to be skeptical but I would be wary of this one. Could be true but could just be some (sad) person looking for attention. The bold references to drug use and early childbirth suggest that and I would have to do some research but 27 years old and female strikes as a very atyptical presentation of liver cancer.

    I can’t say for sure but I have seen similar hoaxs (cries for attention) on the internet in the past.

  3. Umm Skandar says:

    Aside from a decades long infection with hep B, liver cancer at age 27 does seem highly unlikely.

    Mary, you and your husband are nurses, does it strike you odd?
    I so hate to be the wary, skeptical one here.

  4. My heart goes out to her. I hope she will stop being angry at God

  5. Umm Skandar,

    I’m not sure…my specialty is OB, not oncology. But drug use can put a huge strain on the liver, so it seems possible.

    And hey, even if her story is not true, a little extra prayer for a person is never misplaced. God knows her needs.


  6. I think if someone were making up a story like that, they need prayers just as much as someone with liver cancer. I will trust that God will sort it out and I agree with you Mary—prayer for another person is never misplaced.

  7. Umm Skandar says:

    I agree. If the story is made-up she probably needs the prayers just as much or more than if she is physically sick. But her blog just set off all kinds of alarm bells in my gut.


  8. thanks for sharing, Mary! That’s what the church is all about!