Review: Febreze Candle

We cook with a lot of garlic, and sometimes when preparing for an evening birthday party, I wonder about lingering kitchen odors. I sometimes open doors and turn on a fan for a bit to freshen the air before guests arrived.

Febreze has a new line of candles that I was able to try out the other day that just might be a good solution for that problem. Febreze sent me the apple spice version, which I thought smelled really nice. It reminded me of Christmas just a bit, but in a lighter, fresher way. After a couple burns, the candle still has lots left– I think it should last pretty well. It did seem to take care of odors pretty well, though it does not give off a super-strong or overwhelming smell.

I don’t burn candles super often and tend to get enough as gifts that I rarely buy them. But if I were out of candles, I would think of this one. I think it would be great to have around when you’re having company and want to get rid of that salmon or garlic smell from dinner before they arrive.

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  1. I was wondering how these work. We have countless sources of um, not-so-pleasant smells in our house, so a candle like this could come in handy…

  2. This sounds lovely. I use a small bowl of vinegar – just set it out on the counter somewhere. Seems to absorb cooking odors – garlic included. But if this not only gets rid of unwanted smells, but also adds something nice, I’ll have to give it a try!

    (And a tip to remove garlic, fish, and other smells from hands after handling: rub your hands on something stainless. I use a strainer, but a large spoon, bowl, or pot will do, as well.)

  3. ok, I need to know!!! How to you get to try all these great products? I want to sign up to do the same!!! Tell me how!!!

  4. Hi Carol,
    I’m not sure how it works for other bloggers who do reviews, but once my blog got well established, companies started contacting me. Occasionally if I see something I really want to try, I just contact the company and tell them I’d like to review it on my blog. So far no one’s said no. I think companies these days really like to get feedback from bloggers…

  5. Cathy in Australia says:

    How funny – when I’m having guests I fry up some onions so the house smells great!!!!