More reviews– and prizes– coming soon. But I just had to share a picture of our littlest one in the garden yesterday. Front row right behind her is cabbage. Next is cucumbers. Behind that (unseen) is the pepper row. My daughter is holding a couple of the first peppers we got this year. Behind that is the tomato row, and finally is the corn. The rows in the garden are about 3x as long as you can see in the picture, and there are actually 6 rows of corn along that back edge. The corn is as tall as I am already– it is crazy! We’ve been out weeding at least a couple times a week for two months and are just barely staying ahead of the weeds this year.

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  1. What a garden! I’m so jealous!!! And I think she gets cuter everytime you post a picture of her!! She has such a twinkle in her eyes.

  2. Adorable picture. I love your garden posts! Keep them coming.

  3. Oh, my gosh. What a doll, she looks so happy with her peppers!

  4. One day I hope to have a garden! Your daughter is just too cute!

  5. Great photo! What a CUTE little girl! And I love your garden!

  6. Now that is exciting!

  7. Awesome Garden!!!!! One day I want one of those. I bet the fresh veggies each day is fabulous to have. Congrats on both a great picture and great looking garden!

  8. I have GOT to get my “garden” pictures posted.

    Here in Italy, the field corn was about 8 foot high on the 4th of July. It is absoluetly incredible!

  9. Wow- what a garden! I’m impressed — it looks like so much sweat and love has gone into it. Enjoy 🙂

    And she is just a sweetie. Funny- i was noticing her eyes again. They look remarkably similar to your two newest daughters. They ‘look’ like sisters.

    God is so good.

  10. Oh, such a cutie girl! and so proud of her peppers…..

    Your garden has me missing my daddy so much.
    He raised us to be helping with a huge vegetable garden every year.
    A few years ago, I even gave up buying produce at the market and doing my own canning. Empty nesters don’t need much.

  11. beautiful. (both your daughter and the garden!)

  12. That is an AMAZING garden! It towers over her!!

  13. What a garden? I am impressed.

    Your little one is so absolutely adorable. Look at her beautiful smile!

  14. Your garden is fantastic! I wish I had room (and time) for one like that! I’ll bet that you get to can a ton of vegetables for the winter.