Review: Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters

When I was growing up, my mom bought 3 kinds of cereal: Cheerios, Raisin Bran, and Grape-Nuts. I thought it was the most boring thing on earth. I decided that when I was grown up, I would buy ‘fun’ cereal. In college, I ate enough Cap’n Crunch cereal to make the roof of my mouth sore. (No, that didn’t stop me from eating it again.)

A funny thing happened when I became a mom, however. I started caring about…ummm…health. I discovered that I was very fond of plain old raisin bran. AND I discovered that when I bought sweet cereal, my kids ate twice as much of it, which did not please my frugal genes or my newly awakened healthy genes. These days I buy the really sweet stuff once a month or so– and yes, Cap’n Crunch makes an appearance now that then. But the staple breakfast cereals at our house are– yup– corn flakes, cheerios, and raisin bran. (How DID I get so boring?)

I was sent a sample of Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters. My kids were delighted to see a different version of plain old raisn bran. We all liked this cereal really well. It tasted a little sweeter than the raisin bran I usually get, which is probably not super healthy, but it is loaded with fiber, and the granola bits are great. I’m sure that even with the dab of extra sugar this is a much better option than Cap’n Crunch. If the price was reasonable or I had a coupon, I would buy this cereal again. Who knows, maybe my kids won’t even feel the need for Cap’n Crunch binges in the college cafeteria….

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  1. We also get the sweet stuff for special occasions, but rely mostly on our everyday staples: cheerios, corn flakes & rice krispies. Do you allow the kids to add sugar to those “boring” cereals? How often do you eat cereal for breakfast? Everyday? Or do you have some other easy breakfasts that you use also for a little variety? With a big family, I think its critical to keep breakfasts and lunches really simple… but I do crave variety! I would love to hear what other families do to keep it simple, healthy and at least a little interesting.

  2. Oh my gosh! Where did you grow up? I also had those cereals when I was young. We did put sugar on the grape nuts, and cheerios. BTW what IS a grape nut???

  3. I think we had the same mother!

  4. ha ha!! same here! i said the same thing too! and guess what is sitting in my cabinet… cheerios, generic raisin bran, generic rice chex, and fiber one. ha. glad to read the review. i eat 1/2 cup fiber one mixed with 1/2 cup cheerios everyday to help increase my fiber intake. this cereal would bring a nice change.

  5. We occasionally had cold cereal but never had milk. Milk or apple juice, people. Sad leeetle cheeeldren…

    Sounds yummy!!

  6. I think eating Cap’n Crunch cereal until your mouth is raw is some kind of freshman year college requirement!

  7. We eat cereal once or twice a week. No, we don’t add any extra sugar to our cereal. Other days we have pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, eggs and toast, or migas (I think the recipe is in my archives someplace).


  8. Mmmmm – Cap’n Crunch; I can taste it now. And that settles it; I DO need to run to the grocery store today!

  9. Do you do all the breakfast cooking or do your older kiddos help? Cereal is just so darn easy….but so stinkin’ expensive!!!! I’ve tried making lots and freezing them, and it works well…..for awhile….but now with making my baby food too….it just doesn’t happen as much : (

    My kiddos do cheerios and raisin bran as well. They LOVE it when we “venture out”! The only cereal my dad will eat is Wheaties…which is HUGE….that just happened in the last couple of years. He pretty much lives off of sausage, eggs, and a coke for breakfast! : ( Hmmmmmm……so wheaties is a HUGE improvement for him! Anyhow, since my parents were visiting recently, we got some wheaties….b/c I wasn’t doing sausage and eggs every morning!!! The kids loved them….just b/c they were a “new cereal” : )

    The sweetest thing they’ve ever had is honey nut cheerios! : ) But maybe I’ll have to venture out further so that they don’t get those sweet cereal munchies too bad when they are in college! : )

  10. Yum, that really sounds good……

  11. I totally forgot about CHEX! We had that too!

  12. Mmm, Lucky Charms was my binge cereal in college. For extra sugar we used to eat it, not with milk, but with vanilla soft-serve. Often for lunch or dinner when mystery meat was the featured cafeteria entree. Now, I’m a mom and we eat cheerios, shredded wheat, and lots of old-fashioned oatmeal.

    I think every young adult gets to a point where they want to see for themselves if eating a whole package of Oreos really will make them sick. No? Just me then…. and yes it did!

  13. We never got cereal of any kind growing up. It was too expensive. One time my brother saved up for his own box of Capn Crunch and even sent away for this little plastic treasure chest (which my mom still has more than 35 years later). I think cereal is toooo expensive – nearly $4 a box and Antique Daddy can eat one box in a sitting.

  14. Always wanted Cookie Crisp. Never got it. Then I became my Mother and no trip down the cereal aisle is complete without “No! Too much SUGAR!!!”