And all I had to do was dirty every pot in the kitchen

Yesterday I told you all about my dresser-painting/nesting habit. Another staple of nesting for a new child is my ritual of filling the freezer with casseroles before the child arrives. Yesterday, after shopping for a good long time, I came home and proceeded to put together three lasagnas and three tater tot casseroles. I also cooked enough chicken to make a couple of enchilada casseroles today to freeze. Feels great to have all that food ready and waiting.

Of course it remains to be seen if our new girls will appreciate that effort. Ethiopian kids, I’ve heard, often think cheese is vile. And as we all know, cheese is the staple binding ingredient of any good casserole. Ah, well. SOME of the family will have an easy meal. That’ll free me up to work on finally mastering injera— the new girls have promised they’ll teach me how to do it properly.

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  1. Looks yummy! So excited to hear about your girls. As a child who was adopted, I havev really enjoyed hearing adoptive parent’s perspective. Thanks!

  2. So all those casserole dishes go directly into the freezer? because I shudder to think of trying to store the empties the rest of the time.
    Your kitchen cabinets must be much organized better than mine. Seems like every time I open a door, I have to duck and catch.

    You are correct that cheese is a must for a great casserole.
    Break the girls in easy and give ’em pizza for awhile.

  3. Nah, my cupboards are usually stacked pretty porecariously too, esp given the fact that I have 9 year olds on dishwasher duty. But when I am organized and have casseroles in the freezer, I DO have more cupboard space/!


  4. Multi-taskingmom says:

    Oh Mary you sound like you nest like I do. One of my friends can not look at a meat loaf or meat balls without thinking of our second adoption.


  5. My 17-month-old Ethiopian sister LOVES cheese- she bravely polished off a serving of Arabic cheese and wolfed down several bowls of a type of Ethiopian cheese at a restaurant in Ethiopia that the rest of my family found disgusting. However, she has an unusual fear of all brown-colored food and refuses most sweet things. So I guess you never know; your girls might find that lasagna is the food they’ve been missing all their lives!

  6. Amy Knapitsch says:

    Recipies please??

  7. How exciting to be expecting 2 more beautiful girls!

  8. Sheryll says:

    Seconding the recipes request! I’m pregnant and due in less than a month and would love to fill my freezer.

  9. i am SO impressed…i knew you were supermom..but WOW!

  10. You’re assuming John and the kids won’t have it all scarfed down before you can get back home with the girls! LOL! 😉

  11. Yum! I need to get some meals in the freezer too. I hate cooking in the summer.

  12. You’re inspiring me to fill the freezer 🙂

    Still praying!!

  13. Mary, my first comment did post, so I thought I would try again. I too would love recipes. We have a pot pie in the freezer, but I think that is wishful thinking. (We haven’t received our referral yet.) I would be great to have meals to just throw in the oven when there is so much else to do. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Margaret says:

    Whoa, I never knew that about cheese. Maybe that’s why my (Ethiopian) husband hates cheesy meals. I try hard to avoid them, but sometimes I’ve just gotta have a little cheddar, you know. 🙂

    He has, over the years, decided mozzarella is ok, as long as it’s on crispy pizza with lots of vegetables.