Parties and Nightlife

(written by my much-beloved Eldest)

Eleven thousand people, spread on a hill. Close-your-eyes-lay-on-the-grass-and-don’t-move heat. Bass beats melding to my bones. Friends greeting, hugging, bouncing away to the next attraction, small pebbles, tumbling in a stream. Overpriced snack kiosks, trying to replace our stolen-at-the-gate water bottles. Crowd walking: forward, back, wait, twist, dive, through, safe, look, pause, greet, excuse, twist, lean, dodge, apologise, repeat. Hundreds of vagrant balloons, roped together, quiet drift. Popular worship group, out to deafen us. Cellphones: lighter replacement in the crowd. Prayers, for peace, and faith, and happiness. Unity of heart, in a vastly varied crowd. Stars over my head, natural and man made. Impossible rain of sparks drifts down, re-flourishes, burns out, only to be replaced with another and another. Twisting spirals, leaving smoke spiders in a perfectly clear evening sky. Sharp flashes and sudden cracks. Parking lot, half an hour. Cool and slightly exhaust-y air in the open window, faintest hint of gunpowder. Worship songs over-loud on the radio, singing and laughter in the car. Tiny black kitten, (green-gold eyes and needle-prick claws) offered through the window. Older man giving young guy a lesson in tire changing, total strangers. Progress report texts to friends two rows over. Home, tired feet, deeply peaceful soul.


Happy Birthday, America!!

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  1. What a beautiful picture this paints! Happy 4th July to you all, and i am thinking that next year, the 2 girls will be bouncing with excitement too……!

  2. Fantastic description! It’s almost as good as being home for the 4th…almost!

  3. Great description!

  4. How sweet is that? And great writing too! Good Job


  5. sooo, did you take the kitten?

  6. I loved it! What great talent.