Thanks to friends…

… we have gotten so many kind gifts from internet friends lately. Several traveling families lately have shared new pictures of our girls. This first picture is from the family who also very kindly forwarded us letters that our girls wrote us. It was so neat to hear their words, and to see the lovely pictures that this family took.

This second picture came just today from my friend Nancy who just got back from Ethiopia after adopting a friend of my girls’.

And these stunningly lovely dresses were sent to me by Sharon from Hearts of Hope, after she asked what we still needed, and I told her that the only thing I didn’t have was a Sunday dress or two.

Thanks so much, everyone. We feel very blessed.

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  1. So, is there anything else that would help them settle in? I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something …

  2. Mary, do you have a good way of getting Ethiopian spices, ingredients, etc? There are tons of ethnic places in Manhattan and I’d be happy to go on a shopping spree (with a list, of course, since my cooking stops and starts at “cut film cover to vent”) and send a package along. Let me know! So excited for you.

  3. All these photos taken…I think they might have an idea of how much they are loved??? 🙂

  4. Of course, you won’t forget to buy several Ethiopian dresses when you are there. Those were the Sunday dresses for the first summer here, for our then 8 year old.

  5. Lovely! (The girls and the dresses… but especially the girls.)

  6. Gosh, they are so beautiful. (as are the dresses!)

  7. How sweet.. . .what wonderful pictures of your girls. They look so happy. They also look like they’re very close. Oh what a joy!! Can’t wait for you to bring them home!


  8. Beautiful girls, beautiful dresses. Congratulations!!


  9. This makes me want to cry. Happy crying.

    Your girls are just so precious, and when I scrolled down to the dresses, I just got teary thinking of them home, with you, and wearing them to church. (sniff)

  10. Both your daughters are just beautiful!! And very pretty dresses, too.

  11. They are beautiful! And, those dresses are darling.

  12. Margaret says:

    What beautiful girls!

  13. Amanda Rasmussen says:

    Mary- I have been lurking here a little bit lately. I keep hoping to have time to visit you again someday soon! But life keeps whirling ever faster and I only get to wave in your direction when I drive past your town on my way from Utah to Oregon. Alas.
    Anyway – what BEAUTIFUL girls. Their souls shine through their perfectly fabulous faces. I cannot wait to read about your life when all your chickens are safe home with you.
    All the best to you, my friend!

  14. Mary,

    Your girls are so beautiful! Every picture I have seen, they just look so sweet and beautiful. Can’t wait for you to have them home.