Works for Me: FLip Video

Today I’ve got the coolest thing to tell you about. A couple months ago I read about a cute new camcorder at photojojo, (which, by the way, is a fun website on it’s own). The camcorder is call the FLip, and it interested me immediately because of its size and ease of use. It is no bigger than a smallish regular camera, and got its name because of the little USB connector that flips out of the side of the camera, allowing you to plug the camcorder straight into your computer to upload your video to the computer. There’s built-in software, and it steps you through very easily. My husband, who swears that computers lock up when he looks at them, loves this thing, and was able to upload videos easily on his very first try.

You can buy either a 30 minute version or a 60 minute version. It has an automatic count-down, so you always know how many more minutes you can go before downloading. We have the one with the 30-minute memory, but for the little bit more that a 60-minute one costs, if I were buying it, I’d go with the bigger memory. And, get this– the thing runs about an hour and a half on just TWO AA batteries.

The video quality would probably not satisfy a high-end camcorder junkie. But it works great for us, and at an affordable price. The camera is light and small enough to fit into my husband’s shirt pocket, which means he carries it around much more than our old bulky one. In the past two weeks we’ve gotten more video than we have in the previous two years.

And that REALLY works for me!

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  1. Gotta check this out. Thanks!


  2. I just got this camera 3 days ago. It is awesome!! I had to order the 60 minute version from Amazon since they only had the 30 minute one at our local stores. Amazon was giving a 10% discount on the 60 minutes version so it was cheaper than it would have been in the stores, plus it came with free shipping! I love, love, love this camera! It works for me too!

  3. Maybe I’ll go stomp on my toaster-sized video camera so I can finally get with the times! : )

  4. I don’t know much about video or camera’s – my hubs is in charge of all that stuff, but I do know that I LOVE looking at the videos we have of the past. The kids love nothing more than to sit and watch themselves as babies and toddlers and laugh at how cute they were. M, I’m so excited for you to be getting the girls soon…my heart just thumps with excitement when I think about it. I can’t wait to hear how they are settling in and how their first Thanksgiving and Christmas’s are… oh the joy!!!

  5. That thing is so cool! Thanks for sharing the info…

  6. Carly, 15 year old, has a small digital video camera. It is amazing – we took both to Korea and never used the big one. I love the way that the clips look a bit old timey.

    Now, what you need is Muvee ( and you can edit your videos. That is how Carly edited our Korea videos – you can see on my blog. We’ll be putting another one up soon. Bonus – it is so easy I can use it (almost independently).