Amazingly, a post. (Kind of)

The combination of recovering from camp AND getting ready for two new family members has left me temporarily out of inspiration for a post. I did however find two other noteworthy posts to share this morning. The first is from Hearts of Hope, describing her family’s chore system. I have it on my list to update our family’s chore chart before our new girls get home, and her system gave me some great ideas. The paying-mom thing is purely brilliant.

The second, rather than inspiring me, left me feeling vaguely uneasy. This morning my oldest came down to breakfast. I waved vaguely at kitchen counter and said, “We’re just having whatever.”

She raised her eyebrows. “As evidenced by the ketchup, mustard, and relish on the table.”

Yes, this morning for breakfast, my kids had leftover hot dogs, pancakes and English muffins for breakfast. We did fry a few eggs fresh. Everyone here was fine with it.

Even me. Until I read about blue tin cups, vintage china, and streusal coffee cake over at Sarah’s charming place.

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  1. Mary, if it makes you feel better, this morning we had Nutrigrain cereal bars, Dora yogurt, and milk. After a week’s worth of houseguests, I’m tired 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ve shared this before….tell me again, at what age did you start chores??? I’m sure your younger ones do them now….but when did your oldest start chores?? It’s easier for younger ones to do chores (I would think) when they have older siblings. But at what age does the first one actually start?

    I have my kiddos put away their own laundry…..and throw their own clothes in the laundry after they take them off….clean up ANY toys from play-time…..but I haven’t started any actual “chores” at 3 1/2 (4 in Aug) and 2 1/2.

    What are your thoughts? I know you have OH so much time to answer this : ) NO RUSH! : )

  3. Mary,

    Have your forgotten that in Korea folks eat pretty much the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Okay, so that doesn’t usually include hot dogs – but I am sure it would if those Koreans moved to a hot dog loving area.

    I think this is gross, but my two littlies favorite breakfast is leftover, cold Ramen noodles – sometimes with a little kimchi. I offer to microwave it (see I do cook in the morning!), but no – apparently noodles are much tastier cold. Funny, they didn’t like the cold buckwheat noodles in Korea 🙂

  4. Hi Mary-

    I am a new reader to your site and just love it! I have to tell you, when I was young I loved when my mom would do something out of the ordinary for a meal- like hot dogs for breakfast. It felt like such an unexpected treat! I’m sure your little ones felt the same way.