My stint as camp cook

We got back from camp last night. Yes, I survived the cooking. John got rather sick of explaining every day to our two year old that I wasn’t available because I was cooking– that part was a bummer. But the rest of the family was so busy doing their own thing that they mostly didn’t even miss me. Really I was only in the kitchen 2-3 hours a day, and in general it all went well.

We didn’t burn any of the food. In fact, I think most of tasted as good as in previous years with the experienced master cooks at the helm. We only entirely forgot one item — peaches — which my dad ran to town to buy for us the day before it was to be on the menu.

We did overestimate quantities a fair bit. But some stuff turned out perfect. Those 25 dozen eggs I mentioned the other day? There were 6 lone eggs in the tray by the end of camp. That tickeld me so much that I almost took a picture for y’all. But then to be honest I’d also need to take a picture of the 6 dozen English muffins we had left over. Ack. On average, I think we had 20% more food than we needed. The last meal was made up almost entirely of leftovers, meaning we didn’t even need to cook the last meal I had planned.

My frugal nature was a bit perturbed by all that extra. My family will be eating those English muffins for the next two weeks, I’m afraid, because there’s no way I’m tossing ’em. But when we packed up coolers to bring it all home, we realized it really wasn’t all that much over. Considering the huge undertaking it all was….well, we decided we really did pretty well for it being our first year. And heaven knows I would much, much rather be over than under.

A bunch of people thanked Cindy and me for the extra weight they’d be carrying home thanks to all that good food. That is exactly how we’ve always felt with the other cooks in charge, so I think we did good. And next year, we’ll know more about estimating quantities.

Except that I swore I’d never do it again.


Hmmm….I think I need to go back and read that highly stressed post I wrote last Tuesday when the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

(Oh, and letters!!!! We got letters from our girls!!!!!!!! I’m going to go write about that on my Ethiopia blog, so come on over in awhile….)

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  1. Lucretia says:

    Hey – english muffins freeze just fine if you’ve got the space. And for first timers it sounds like you did just fine….now about next year ? 😉

  2. it was amazing, Mary! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the letters from your girls!!!

  3. oh, Mary…. your girls are incredible! I am so happy to hear that they love Jesus and that they are praying for you already! Isn’t it awesome how God brings His children together in such an amazing way!?!? *tears* 🙂
    ps–can’t wait to see how they spell their names!

  4. You can probably clear out a lot of those english muffins if you let the kids make their own english muffin pizzas for a few meals. Sounds like things went pretty smoothly!

    The letters are beautiful–the envelopes alone are bursting with excitement. Fingers crossed that the court date goes well this week!

  5. Just read the “letters” and I am all choked up! You should have warned me!! I guess I should have known.

  6. You could do worse than having too many muffins.

    Why am I hearing Soupy Sayles in my head?

  7. If you give a moose a muffin….

  8. *sniff*

    So proud of you.

    So proud!

  9. My sons like to make bacon and egg breakfast sandwiches using english muffins or biscuits. With your brood, I’m sure they will appreciate any goodies.

    Your leftovers reminded of a time I was to be in charge of the church kitchen during a daylong meeting of something or other.

    The committee decided breakfast would not be served before or during Registration, but there would be a snack during the break of about a half hour in the middle of the morning.
    There was discussion of fix-em-up bagels and English muffins, complete with who would be bringing in a 4 slice toaster.

    I told the folks there was no way 68 people would be able to heat, decorate, plus chew bagels and muffins in a half hour, especially while socializing.

    There came a compromise of no bagels, just english muffins, add danish.
    Being the person who did the shopping, I added a loaf of oatynut bread.

    I fixed platters of bread with butter already spread, cut the danish in half pieces for easy handling.
    I put the english muffins and toaster off at the end of the counter away from the coffee pots so whoever was waiting for them to heat would not interrupt the flow of foot traffic.

    Yep, the english muffins took quite a bit longer to deal with. The folks who chose them for snack were the last to leave the room.

    Sometimes, the wisdom which comes with years of working in food service pays off in just one morning.

    Next year, should you accept your assignment again, your committee will have experience with the grocery cart.

  10. way to go mary! be proud!

  11. Always better to have too much.

    And you can use those english muffins to make mini pizzas! My kids love that because they get to make them however they want.

  12. Glad all went well at camp. It sounds like you guys had a fun time and everyone ate very well. I bet it was great to get away and enjoy time with family and friends!!

    So neat to get letters from your girls!!

  13. It breaks my heart to throw food away, too!

  14. i was thinking of you! you can make so many great things with english muffins. (not that i cook…but) and if anyone can come up with creative things to make with them you can. welcom home! going over to read the letters…

  15. Yay, you survived! I’m not sure that I could have said the same. LOL