A gift

We got a lovely gift yesterday evening. A mom who just returned from Ethiopia shared about 8 pictures of our girls, plus a little snippet of video. Here are the best pictures.

Our older daughter is holding a picture of our 4 youngest kids playing in the snow. The younger is holding the letter we sent her. I can’t wait to see them in person, but it is so sweet to get glimpses of them now.

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  1. What a wonderful gift!!

    Without actually revealing the names, where did you land on names? Wasn’t there some debate about keeping their full names versus adding family names? We’re struggling with our own opinions on that and we’re planning to adopt a 12-18 month old (well, younger now but by the time the adoption is final about 12-18 mos) and have been debating the different naming conventions (keep it all, move the names around a little and give a new first name, change it all, pick “American” names that sound similar, etc.). I was curious what your thoughts/plans are considering that the girls are older.

    Good luck at church camp! I’ll say a prayer for you today.

  2. They are such beautiful girls! You must be getting so excited about picking them up! What kind of plans do you have for their education? What kind of education have they had? Do you think it will be easier to adopt them (being older kids) because they have each other? You are giving me the bug to adopt from Ethiopia!

  3. They are beautiful! It is fun to watch you go though this journey.

  4. We are keeping their Ethiopian names as their first names since they have had them so long, and adding a name of our choice for a middle name. We may also add another middle name if they woulld like to choose a name.

    With our kids who came as infants, we kept their birth name as their middle name and added a name of our choice as a first name.

    For school we plan to homeschool, just as we do our others. The girls were fortunate in that they already had 4 and 6 years of education in Ethiopia. Also, I understand that Amharic is a phonetic language, so they will already be familiar with breaking down words into components and sounding them out.

  5. They are lovely lovely girls. You are so blessed. Praying that your court date goes well and you have them home in August.

  6. Make that July!

  7. i saw those pics and immediately recognized your gorgeous girls! i knew you would be tickled! 🙂

  8. Oh my, your heart must’ve jumped.

    And those faces! Those are gorgeous girls.

  9. Very cool! You are going to have so many photo sessions with smiles like those.

  10. That is just so cool – a connection made already. I’ll bet you’re just bursting to hold them…

  11. What beautiful girls they are!

  12. What a blessing to see these pictures. The willingness of traveling parents to meet and take pictures with our *waiting* kids was one of the best parts of our agency! Keeping you all in prayer!

  13. New pictures– worth more than gold!
    I can’t wait to see pictures of them amidst your family for real (though spliced in was cute)!

  14. What a wonderful surprise! Praying that this will be the energy boost you needed to make it through the next week!!

  15. I am just overwhelmed with tears. What a kind gift these pictures are. I am so excited to meet them too!!

  16. I’m delurking to say that they are absolutely beautiful!

  17. That top photo brought tears to my eyes – I think it’s because she looks so astonishingly like you.

  18. Beautiful!
    And i love how proud they are of their new family already, holding up their pictures and letters for the camera!

  19. How absolutely beautiful. And what a precious gift for you to recieve. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


  20. Now that is a wonderful surprise! Mary, they are so beautiful, and their smiles are so full of mischief too. I see lots of fun ahead for you all. Not long to go now!

  21. They are gorgeous! I know you can’t wait to hold them, but the pictures must help tremendously.

  22. Such beautiful little ladies. You are truly blessed.

  23. Gosh, they are gorgeous. I am so happy for you.


  24. Beautiful girls!

  25. The pics brings tears to my eyes because I understand what it’s like to see your kids and not be ablke to hold them. Mine lived in America but they still seemed so far away. Praying for a safe journey for all of you. Yoo received alot of fantastic ideas, didn’t you? Hope they help!

  26. How exciting to see the older gal holding a pic of their soon-to-be-united-with brothers and sisters! And the younger gal holding the letter YOU sent her. I am so excited for everything God holds in store for you and your family this coming summer; you just have to make it past church camp. 😉 hugs!

  27. What a wonderful gift! Your girls are just beautiful.

  28. love the pictures! what a special gift. xo

  29. What a blessing! They are beautiful – radiant! Can’t wait to see them home with you all!

  30. I love seeing their smiles while they are holding your letter and memento. I would have just loved to have seen a picture of our daughter with our package. I am hoping that the recent pictures were taken after she opened it, so that her smile is actually intended for us and not just the camera. Isn’t that silly? I just want to know how she is feeling and what she is thinking.

    Your girls are going to be home before you know it! I can’t wait to see that first picture of you all together.

  31. They are so beautiful. I pray they are home with you soon.

  32. You don’t know me. This is my first visit here. So let me tell you a little something about myself. I am adopted. I like being Chosen.

    So what you are doing touches my heart a bit. God speed to your little girls.

  33. Yeah! Bring them home, love them (they are lovely), and continue to be blessed by the Lord! Thank you for sharing your journey…I am so excited for you!

    Mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    (come meet us…we love new friends!)

  34. Have you decided yet what to take on the airplane ride? Have you considered having the two younger ones bringing a present for the two new ones?

  35. Oh, Mary!!! They are so beautiful! I cannot wait to hear that you made it through court and are going to get them!!
    You are an inspiration to all of us who may someday adopt an older child!

  36. So excited for your new pictures – what a blessing! Those girls are just beautiful; those smiles are just too sweet! 🙂

  37. wow! they are truly lovely. 🙂 blessings!

  38. They’re both so beautiful! I can’t wait until you have them home!

  39. They are gorgeous!

  40. Wow, they are so beautiful. Amazing.

  41. They are so beautiful….Congratulations!