After the crazy day yesterday and a morning of shopping for bread and mosquito spray and crushed pineapple and other dumb things we forgot yesterday, I am practically catatonic. All I can do is sit here on the couch noodle-like and worry about all the things I still have to do and all the things I am doubtless forgetting. My body will. not. go. I have seriously overcommitted myself here, and I don’t see any way out of it.

Unfortunately I still have to pack clothes and supervise the finding of sleeping bags and the washing of 17 loads of laundry and the gathering of bathroom items and many many other little details that need to happen before a family of 10 can load up the travel trailer and leave to go camping. Oh, and did I mention we have to be out of the house no later than 9:30 tomorrow am? Yeah. Sweet.

I cannot– CANNOT- be one of the head cooks for church camp again next year. At this moment I’m not even sure if I can be one of the head cooks for church camp this year.

That is all.

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  1. i am so sorry for you! it is odd that the would hoist it off to a mom of 8 kids in the middle of an international adoption…

    thinking of you and praying for strength and peace.

  2. We will start reminding you of this early next year! What gets done gets done, Mary. Just relax, and do what you can. Forget the rest. No-one will starve. And have a good time with your family at camp! It will be fine.


    There. Hope that helps!

  4. If not, then in a week you can ….

  5. Now, Kelli, you’ve gone and made me laugh…. and here I was all bound and determined to feel sorry for myself.

  6. Kelli made me laugh too! I’ve been where you are, Mary, and Linds is right. What gets done will get done. Praying for your strength and rest.


  7. Oh Mary, Mary, Mary,

    I sure wish I could come help you.

  8. Having spent many weeks of many summers as a church camp counselor, and a few as a cook, I have to say I would rather be a cook. At least I didn’t have to stay up til all hours with 14 giggly little girls–once the cooking was done, I could take a nap! God bless you, dear heart.

  9. oh mary – thinking of you and hang in. everyone is so lucky to have you as the cook. can i come if promise to help? (i’m not much of a cook – but i am good at dishes!) seriously – i hope you can carve out some fun time. you are amazing. xo

  10. You know, whatever you forget to take for your family just gives them an opportunity to be creative and resourceful and have the fun of “roughing it”, right?

    Hang in there.

  11. Why is it that we women often think we can do more than we can, worry about it, and then do it all pretty well by the grace of God?

    Oh yeah, God’s glory will be seen through all this because I know you’ll be doing that “praying without ceasing” thing from now until the end of the week. And they you can be that pirate who doesn’t do anything!

    And you’ll probably wind up volunteering to do it next year because you’ll forget all the trouble it took to get ready and remember the fun you had…

    Blessings Mary – and enjoy it!

  12. You can so do this Mary! You are one of the most positive and strong people I “know” and you are so going to rock this! Just remember- diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friends- naps and chocolate are!

  13. You CAN do it. Maybe you can’t do it all, but you can do the things that need to be done! You have a family of great helpers too! Not to mention, “(You) can do all things through Him who gives you strength!” Wish I could help!

  14. I’m sorry. That over committed feeling is perhaps one of the most stressful. You have this inner pull at the same time outer circumstances are practically ripping the arms out of your sockets. Try really hard to delegate or let go of other responsibilities till you get the camp behind you.

  15. Have you read, “Chasing God and the Kids too”? It’s by Cheryl R. Carter. It applies to your current situation, sort of.