Today in numbers

(because I am too whipped to be creative.)

9= the number of hours my friend and I spent shopping today for church camp. Thank heavens she is EXCELLENT company.

4= the number of stores we shopped at

105= the number of pounds of potatoes we bought

25= the number of DOZENS of eggs we bought

2= the number of stores we still need to stop at (we haven’t yet bought bread or milk )

825= the number of trays of food that will be served over 4 days at church camp this weekend.

$1180= the number of dollars we spent buying food for the weekend.

6= the number of days till church camp is DONE (sorry, bad attitude- but MAN this is a heap of work.)

2= the number of pizzas I bought at the last stop so I wouldn’t have to cook dinner tonight.

5= the number of minutes my two year old spent napping today

2=the number of minutes it will probably take her to fall asleep tonight

11= the number of days til our COURT DATE in Ethiopia and the girls become ours, Lord-willing.

41= the number of days til we LEAVE FOR ETHIOPIA if all goes well in court!!!!!!!!!!! (July 29th!!!!)

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  1. I hope you get through court on the 29th so you can go get your beautiful girls! I still can’t believe that we leave in less than 32 hours (yes, I’m counting the hours!!!!)

  2. wow- that is SOME day! so hoping you get your court date and get to bring those girls home soon……

  3. I’m overwhelmed just reading your numbers. Praying the Lord will bless you with all the strength and endurance you need!


  4. How do you even have your head on straigt to remember all that? Gee whiz!

  5. Here’s hoping you have a BIG fridge for all the stuff you bought! 🙂

  6. I just got back from 4 days of church camp with my 4th grader….on the 2nd day, the camp’s stove broke!! They had to cook for about 130 people in roaster ovens and on the stovetops!! So….I suppose it could be worse!!

  7. honey i so pity you. i grew up mennonite in a tight-knit community. hubby and i did this kind of hospitality stuff for big mennonite events the first several years we were married. a-n-x-i-e-t-y and d-r-e-a-d. i feel for you! but you will be so darn proud in 7 days. 🙂

  8. oh my…mary – good luck! you’ll be great. hugs!!

  9. That’s impressive!! less than $2 per person!

  10. oops – per meal – still, that’s impressive!

  11. Wow, what a day, huh? Sounds like you had a lot to do!

    Can’t wait to hear how the court date goes!!