Avoiding comment purgatory

The past week has been utterly insane for sp*m at the Owlhaven. 500+ per day has been the average. I have no idea what foul list I got on to deserve such treatment. Anyway, I have totally given up on my past habit of skimming quickly thru to check for good comments. There is no delay for moderation here, so if your comment doesnt immediately show up on the blog, will you please email me? If I know who the comment is from, it is easy to plug your name into the search feature and pull your comment out of the trash in seconds.

One final note: on my Saturday post about miracles, a comment from Jennifer (Sob’ah My Soul) was lost. Thankfully she has posted the story on her blog as well, so if you want to read about one more miracle, go check it out here.

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  1. Try installing the Comment Timeout plugin. Most of the spam goes on older posts – and once you have this plugin, you can set your posts to quit receiving comments after a certain amount of time (I have mine set to 10 days, I think).

    Anyway, before I had the plugin I was getting about 1500 spam comments a day. And now? Zero. Occasionally a legitimate comment will go in the spam filter by accident b/c someone includes too many links – but that’s the exception.

  2. Boomama told me about this as well. I’m looking into getting it. Until then, I’m turning off comments on older posts (like 3 weeks or more). My spam went from about 400 a day to nada.