Works for Me: affordable sippy cup

Since I’m a bleary-eyed blogger tonight (quotas, people, I’ve got quotas) I am sharing a Works for Me that hasn’t actually worked for me yet. (But I’m sure it will!) I read it just today in Keepers at Home magazine. To make an extremely afforadable sippy cup for your toddler, take a clean empty yogurt cup with a lid, punch a hole in the lid using a regular hole punch, and stick a straw in the hole. A hole puncher makes a hole exactly the right size for a standard sized straw. Isn’t that brilliant? This option wouldn’t be completely leak-proof, but for the price I bet it would do a darned good job.

That’s my (someday soon) works for me!

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  1. Sounds great! Hope everything is going well with the church camp dinners and all the many things on your plate these days!

  2. Interesting! My boys would get a hoot out of it too. I’m going to try it!

  3. Clever, clever, clever.

    We don’t need sippy cups any longer for our kids, but when guests come who do, we could quickly gobble down the Dannon and they’ll be in business.

    Love it.


  4. This is a great idea! My kids will LOVE it!

  5. This actually works pretty well for serving no-mess yogurt, too. As long as you don’t get the fruit-on-the-bottom kind or any variety with big chunks of fruit, you can just pop open the lid and poke a straw through the foil (you may need to use a fork first).

    This is the only way my daughter (2) has eaten yogurt for nearly a year. Much less messy than a spoon–or her fingers!