OK, so maybe I’m a bit ahead of myself…

…but this afternoon I started packing. It was so much fun to pull out those big suitcases and think about taking off on such a great adventure again. I mostly packed clothes for our new girls. Thanks to the generosity of friends (thanks, Beth!!!) and just a tiny bit of shopping on my own, I have all sorts to choose from. By the measurements the agency gave me, the girls are very lean. Four foot eight and 55 lbs for the 9 year old. Four foot ten and 65 pounds for the 11 year old. I am packing 10’s and 12’s, along with a few shrunken size 14’s and a couple size 8 pants that look long. I was delighted to find a few Land’s End and Old Navy jeans with adjustable waists. Anyone have a little girl with those measurements? Am I guessing right, size-wise?

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  1. I have girls that size and I think you’re up the right alley. Couple things I would recommend is definitely finding jeans with the adjustable waists – that’s the only way we go – and also consider bringing along crop pants. That way – if they are too short it not a big deal. So fun! Congrats.

  2. Dresses are also easy. Those might be easy if nothing else fits right. Ya know?
    So fun. Congrats!

  3. The sizes sound good to me too. The crop pants also sound like a great idea.

    I hope you get to go soon. Very exciting!


  4. My little girl is 4’10 and 70 pounds she wears a 12 slim or the adjustable waists. How exciting to be packing!

  5. My 8 1/2 year old daughter is 4′ 6″, about 58 pounds, and she still wears size 8s. For pants, you might want to pack a couple more smaller sizes. And yes, adjustable waists are “the bomb”!

  6. Well, my 9 year old is wearing 7/8 still.

  7. Umm Skandar says:

    I have a daughter so lean that even most adjustable waists won’t go small enough, many are designed to accomodate husky kids, not lean ones. My son is tall and lean and clothes from Target, Kohls and the like fall right off him. Lands End has recently introduced ‘slim’ sizes to most of their kids clothes. Both my older kids take their slim sizes. Before LE’s slim sizes my best bet for clothes that actually fit were Hanna Anderson. Expensive but they have frequent sales and you can get them on ebay. They last and last and last. I have HA clothes that are on their third go around with the baby and they still look great. So they are ultimately thrify in that regard.

  8. My 9 year old is 4′ 9″, 79 pounds and not skinny (she is not chubby–just solid and not skinny). (according to the charts her height and weight line up perfectly–so I would say your girls are probably pretty thin.) She wears a 10-12 or 14/16 slim in the waist. I would suggest dresses as size is less of an issue and belts–even with adjustable waists. I think sears makes slims and ones with adjustable waists (we buy thrift shop only so I am trying to remember.) When in doubt we buy capri’s–which due to my daughter’s short legs fit perfectly as reg. length–I have found that they also work beautifully as hand-me-downs for my long and skinny 7 year old (who is 4′ and wears a 7–8’s fall down) because the length isn’t an issue.

  9. My 11 year old is 5 foot and weighs 83 pounds and she wears a size 14. Although that is mostly for height. I buy the adjustable waists too so she can make them smaller. Walmart has them now too (although they don’t last as long).

    My 9 year old is still in a 7/8 too but she is an itty bitty thing.

  10. Be on the lookout for Ralph Lauren pants on your next garage sale/consignment sale jaunt. They are great for skinny minnies, but only if you can find them cheap–they are so expensive new.

  11. Meron is also SKINNY (56 “/60 pounds)! Their waists are so small. We brought 8 and 10’s, the 8’s being too short and the 10’s being too big in the waist. Sweat pants and skirts with fully adjustable waists were the best fit for her. Also, shorts and capri’s, size 8, fit the waist best and we don’t have to worry about the length.
    Enjoy the packing…brings back sweet memories 🙂

  12. My 9 1/2 year old daughter is about the same size as your 11 year old. She wears a size 10 regular in just about everything, but in some 12s that we received, if they have an adjustable waist (ie-0ld Navy, Gapkids, etc…) she can wear them as well. When we traveled, we took mostly pants with elastic style waists and that worked really well. She was comfortable and there were no issues with sizing, until about 3 months later when she shot up and passed many barely worn pants down to her new sister!

  13. I want to pack tooooooo . . .