Opinion Saturday: Miracles

Ever have something happen in your life, big or small, that made you convinced you were seeing a miracle?

You have till Monday evening to tell me about something that happened that made you know there was Someone watching out for you. ONE person will win the Golden Keyboard award. A different random commenter will win a 6 month membership to Netflix (3 movies out at a time).

Tell me about a miracle in your life.

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  1. Oh boy, there have been sooo many times I’ve seen miracles in my life. I feel so blessed.
    The biggest one was when ds #4 was born. He was quite blue at birth and didn’t cry. The midwife insisted he was fine, as did the nurses. Finally, we convinced the nurses to call the ped in and to take him and look at him.
    The next thing we knew, he was on oxygen and an IV. He was being given antibiotics because he was breathing too fast and his O2 level was too low. They thought for sure it was an infection. After loads of tests all came back negative they weren’t sure what step to take next.
    When he was one day old, the dr told me they were ordering an echocardiogram, “just to be sure” but assured me nothing was wrong with his heart because they didn’t hear a murmur and his symptoms were not those of heart trouble.
    The next thing we knew, the dr was telling us the helicopter was coming to take him to a different hospital, and that something was wrong with his heart, but she couldn’t tell us what, or what any of it meant. We’d have to wait till we saw the cardiologist.
    When we got to the next hospital, we were greeted by the cardiologist. He informed us that based on the echo, our baby should have been much much sicker than he was. He was shocked.
    The next morning, at 2 days old, our baby had open heart surgery. His pulmonary veins were connected to the wrong side of his heart, a situation that is deadly.
    His surgery was on a Friday, and the following Friday he came home. He has never had any complications, and the drs are amazed by him.
    I only recently (in the last year or so) have come to realize that this is an even bigger miracle than I knew. I joined an email group of parents of kids with this defect. My Zachy is THE ONLY ONE who has not had some sort of complication.
    Before he was diagnosed, I had a dream that I was in the NICU, and the presence of God was so strong, and he was ok. I woke up and knew he would be fine.
    God has definitely watched out for our family. Through all of this, we have all renewed our relationship with God, and our family is so much better because of it.

  2. My miracle is my kids. After years of trying, God blessed us with our biological daughter and then six years later we were blessed with our son through the adoption process. Everytime I look at them I tear up. Even when the six year old is telling me at the last minute she needs something for school and the six month old is crying because he’s hungry. I thin I’ll go look at them peacefully sleeping right now.

  3. Lisa Z. says:

    My 5 year old broke his femur at our home and wanted my husband to ride in the ambulance with him. I had to drive behind it. I was in a sheer panic and was afraid to drive. I had a mini panic attack on the phone with 911 and the ambulance drivers even said, “Are you sure there is no one we can call to take you?” I should not have been driving, since I was throwing up and crying hysterically, especially since I had my other 2 sons in the car. We were so scared and this was serious. But I got in the car, trying to breath and remain calm for my family. I decided to blare the Christian radio station in order to keep the negative thoughts from taking over and to distract my 2 little guys from their momma’s tears. As the ambulance pulled out of the driveway I prayed out loud, “God, I need You…” Then just as clearly I heard “My Grace is sufficient for you…” I was as calm as I had ever been and drove peacefully to the hospital. I know that I had heard the voice of God and He was very close to me throughout the hospitalization and the next 3 months dealing with a body cast. I kept a detailed journal of that time and still, after 11 years, reading it encourages me. Only God can take a terrible event and use it to make us grow in our faith.

  4. i went into labor at 27 weeks with my twins and they were born at 28 weeks. they spent 2 months in the hospital, trying to reach the 5lb mark! they turn 5 next month and are amazing. god kept them healthy and no one would ever guess today that they were 28 week-ers. only our god could do something like that!

  5. ginanpd says:

    my husband and i are in the beginning stages of adoption- we are still looking at homestudy agencies, and feel overwhelmed at taking that first step- what if it’s not the right agency for us???…. will it be the end of the world? and, how the hell are we going to pay all these fees?

    i still have my worries, but today i met up with a bunch of moms and moms to be that have adopted or are waiting for their referrals from ethiopia. these women were open and ready to talk about whatever came up. what a joy to meet these diverse women! and, i’ve begun to sell stuff on ebay- BIG time. i told my husband that if it’s not nailed down, it will be sold (minus my daughter’s toys of course!)- HAHA.

    Something is pulling me forward- I think God is kicking me in the butt and telling me to get on with it… so we will.

  6. The summer after I turned 16, I was contracted to work at a camp several hours north of my home. Three days before I was scheduled to leave, my mother died of cancer. It was a sudden death for our family as just eight weeks earlier, she’d been given a clean bill of health.

    My arrival to the camp was delayed a few weeks. Everyone involved decided it would be best to continue on with our summer plans as much as possible. One night, after our cabin had gone to bed, I lay in my bunk trying hard not to cry. I didn’t know what to do with myself; how could I go on in my life without my mother?

    As I cried, I found I was unable even to pray. I didn’t know what to say to God. I wasn’t even sure I wanted Him to help me when His assistance came in the form of suffering and death.

    For a few moments, I was quiet, not quite able to stop crying and not sure what to do next. Suddenly, I was bathed in peace. I knew with absolute certainty that someone was praying for me, right then, just before midnight on a Tuesday. For the first (and only) time in my life, I could actually feel somebody’s prayer.

    I’ll probably never know who it was. At least, not in this life. I look forward to the day when all is revealed and I can thank that person for calling down God’s blessing on me at a time when I was unable to call on Him myself.

  7. The same month that both of my grandfathers died, my sister and mom nearly drowned (I was in 5th grade). We were at the beach with our family’s two horses and the one that actually helped my dad save them ended up with a severe case of colic that next morning. It was a miracle that they survived that ordeal – my mom with hypothermia and both nearly drowning. A long story, but I know that the hand of our Lord saved them that day.

  8. This may not be eloquently written or grammatically correct because I’m seriously tired from a day of packing for a move, but here goes…

    I have four sons, one biological and three by adoption. None of them were “supposed” to live and doctors were at a loss as to why each of them did, but I know the answer. God. So rather than go into the four medical miracle stories, I want to share what I believe to be a true encounter with a messenger from God…an angel.

    It is Christmas. Our bio son was a teen, and our first son by the gift of adoption was almost three. We were fostering a three month old infant who had many medical problems. We brought him home from the hospital at age two months and had been dealing with his health problems, having revived him via CPR and he was now wearing a heart/apnea monitor. Between numerous medications, breathing treatments, percussion treatments, feedings and projectile vomiting he and I slept no more than one hour straight at a time. He was literally attached to me every moment day and night, and the attachment went much deeper. I loved him and could never imagine letting him go. But the reality was that his biological mother was working to get her life together and would be taking him home before too long. I knew he had to go, but my heart was aching.

    Our family quietly filed into the sanctuary for our church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service. Having a three year old and an infant, we normally sat near the rear of the sanctuary. This night no seats were available except on the second pew from front next to a elderly lady who was a beacon of the church. She smiled at our little family and asked to see the baby. “Your son is precious” she said.

    “Oh, he’s not ours. We are his foster parents and he will be going home soon.” I replied with tears surfacing.

    “Darling, he is your son. Love him.” she said with a smile and a glow about her that bathed me in a warmth of comfort and solace.

    A few weeks later his biological mother decided to place him for adoption…with us. Nine years later he is strong…and beautiful…and has always been our son.

  9. A Very Simple Story

    This was about four years ago when I have grudgingly accepted that God exists and probably so did Jesus. However I enjoyed ruling my own life and didn’t want God to be the king of me so I still refused to bow down to Him.

    For some reason, a corn began to grow at the bottom of my right foot. Even though it was very small, every time that I walk, it was like stepping on a nail.

    I knew I was supposed to ask God for help to remove the corn, but I didn’t want to give God the chance to prove He is that great. So I tried using salicylic acid to remove the corn.

    Two weeks later, the corn stubbornly remained, even though the acid was successfully eating into the flesh at the sole of my foot which really hurts. The corn was much more stubborn than me!

    In the end, I gave up the battle with God and resigned to uttering a half-hearted prayer for His power to heal. Then I went to sleep. The next day, I woke up *without a corn* on my foot.


    I’m kinda more used to obeying God and asking Him for help now.

  10. My mom died 9 years ago last month, and due to arthritis and knee problems, she had trouble getting around for the last few years of her life. Most of her family, including her brothers and sisters, all her children and some grandchildren, were at the hospital when she died. My nephew, who was 4 and was not in her room at the time of death, told his dad something astonishing a few minutes later. He said, “Daddy, I just saw Granny go around the corner with two men. And she was walking so good!” I’m convinced that he saw the angels taking her to heaven. It was such a comfort to my brothers and me to know that her pain was over forever!

  11. I see miracles all the time. My oldest daughter Jessica has autism. She lost nearly all her speech when she was only 2 years old. One day about 3 months ago we had received our travel approval to pick up our waiting Chinese daughter. I keep a blog called Catching Butterflies. A good friend brought me a candle holder in the form of a butterfly that day to help celebrate out Travel approval. I sat with Jessica on the foot of my staircase to put her shoes on her. She looked up and saw the new butterfly candle holder and said very clearly “butterfly”. Every sweet word that comes from her mouth is a miracle from God!

  12. I am nursing as I type, my first term, healthy baby… the first 3 being 25 week preemie twins and a 29 week preemie. Its a miracle for us.

    My 2nd pregnancy “should” have ended in a miscarriage at 19 weeks when my water broke (not leaked – completely ruptured). 10 weeks later, after a lovely long hospital stay and IV antibiotics to ward off imminent infection, Thaddeus (gift of God, praiseworthy) arrived, infection free, at 29 weeks gestation…

    He is my 4 year old, with no apparent repercussions of being in utero sans water (our bodies our phenomenal!!) or being born 11 weeks early.

    And my eldest, Keenan, a 7 yr old surviving twin born at 25 weeks gestation… incredibly smart creative kiddo…

    Children are incredible miracles around here! Visual reminders of God’s hand in our life.

  13. I see miracles all the time, and I wish I would write them down in a journal so that during times when my faith is weak, I can be reminded of the Supernatural God I serve.

    My children are probably the most prominent miracles in my life. My daughter, who is three, was conceived over two years after we starting trying. We were desperate and frustrated, but knew God had a plan for us. Two weeks after moving out of state we flew home for a special prayer service at our church for infertile couples. We gave everything up to the Lord. Two weeks later I was pregnant.

    After months of trying for a second baby, then suffernig a miscarriage, we were led toward the miracle of adoption. Flying across the world, reaching my arms out to my new son, was nothing short of another miracle.

    While picking up our infant son, we didn’t know it at the time, but we met our soon-to-be son, a 12 year old. The Lord opened our hearts and opened the doors to welcoming this boy into our family. One concern was finances, but our God is bigger than any financial concern. Right after we decided to adopt this boy, my husband got TWO raises.

    And lastly, four months ago I underwent surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst. At that time I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a disease that causes infertility. But the Lord is bigger than that, too. I am currently 7 1/2 weeks pregnant.

  14. We have two bio kids (19 & 23) and have a daughter from China who turned two last November. We sent our dossier in last August to China for a second daughter and God led me to Wide Horizon’s website in September. I fell in love with Eun Ji from South Korea. I replied about her and they said I could see her file but because I wasn’t one of their waiting Korean families I would not be considered first to be a match for her and also she was only a month younger than our daughter from China and that was a problem for them. I told them I was her mother and she was my daughter and I wasn’t worried about it because God led me to her. We were a little concerned about the cost and to back up a little my mother-in-law had just passed away late in July. She was a single woman with no money and her life insurance policy was not much. The same day I found Eun Ji on the website was the first day she had been put on there, matter of fact they were shocked someone inquired so quickly. That same day we found out my husband’s mother’s insurance policy was twice the amount because she had increased it a couple of months before she died. The amount my husband would receive after splitting it with his sister was the EXACT amount we needed to complete the adoption. Not a penny more…not a penny less. After 6 days, Wide Horizons approved us to be a match for this precious child. In nine weeks we had her home from South Korea and our agency told us that it was a record. They had never had a child come home that fast. We told them this was not our doing it was God’s. Everything was His predestined plan from the change in country, my husband losing his sweet mother, the life insurance and Emma’s coming home so quickly. They acknowledged that they did believe there was some kind of higher power….okay we can live with that…hopefully there was a seed planted. My husband’s mother never had a penny to her name and always wanted to do more for our children and never could. Now after going home to be with her Lord and Savior she provided a way home for Emma Eun-Ji Jane Byrd. God is good!

  15. Well, I have been blessed by a number of miracles in my life, but two stand out to me clearly.
    One from my childhood… I loved cats and had four young kittens one of while I ADORED above all! One Sunday afternoon while I played at a friend’s house, three of these kittens, including the favorite, climbed into the car engine of my mother’s car. When she started the car to go to church that evening, the fan belt hit all three. She pick up their broken lifeless bodies and placed them in a bag and went to church. On the way home she broke the news to me. I was devastated. With the passion and faith only an eight year old can muster, I lay on the couch crying my heart out to God begging Him to bring back my kitty while my mother went to bury the dead kittens. As she picked up the bag, she decided to look at them one more time. When she opened the bag, two sets of eyes looked back at her. Only one kitten died that night, and my favorite was one of the living. Is this story a true miracle? Did God bring a kitten back to life for a child who believed He could? I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter… either way He heard and He cared.
    Perhaps the greatest miracle of my life occurred two months ago during Holy Week when my phone rang one evening. It was our social worker who did both of our homestudies including the one for our Chinese dossier which has been in China since Dec. She ask if we would be interested in an “opportunity”. In this way we learned of a little 9 month old boy who was in need of a home. He was born in Guatemala but his adoption was disrupting and after a month of searching he still needed a home. Many families had turned him down. Why? In great part because Early Intervention had put the wrong birth date in when they evaluated him labeling him as severely delayed physically and cognitively. Honestly, the child is not delayed at all but that is another story. After a weekend of prayer, we said “YES!! We want him!” and two weeks later we learned that we were picked to be his family. Twenty-four hours later he was in our arms. There is no way that we could have afforded to adopt him from Guatemala, but since he was already here he is a domestic adoption for us with minimal cost involved. He is my miracle child who I was not looking for but who, with God’s help, found me.

  16. We witnessed many miracles with the adption of our Haitian son, but one stands out the most.

    Our son suffers from a serious kidney disorder, and at the time, we were working towards getting him a medical visa to get to the States for better care. We had been battling paperwork for 10 months, and the srtuggle of the moment was that he did not have a valid birth certificate, so he could not be issued a passport. We were toold it would take a few months to work it out.

    Then we recieved a terrible phone call. The doctors in Haiti feared our son was going into renal failure, and he needed to get to the US as soon as possible. I spent that entire day on the phone with every government contact I could think of.. anyone who might have some connections. We didn’t get much sleep that night, and the next morning I did the only thing left to do. I prayed. As I often do when I am worried about a kid-related issue, I prayed to Mary. I have always felt that she would be the one to look out for me, mother to mother. I went to morning Mass that day, and realized when I sat down that it was December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I just knew God was telling me that i was praying in the right direction. Then the priest began his homily, and it was all about adoption, and how we are all God’s adopted children, and he looks out for all of us. I sat with tears coming down, and I knew it would work out the way God meant it to. I went home and later that day, we got the best phone call we could have imagined. One of our contacts managed to get ahold of the US embassador to Haiti, who brought our paperwork to the passport officials himself, and plead our case. The birth certificate requirment was waived, and our son was free to travel to the US.

    He arrived a few days later, and after a week in the hospital, we were able to bring him home. Now, a year and a half later, he is our living breathing miracle. He is in a full remission and amazing his doctors. This little boy who was too weak to even climb stairs now tears up the soccer field every weekend.

    I am so thankful to his first mother who gave him life… thankful to have the chance to be his second mom and watch him grow. But I know he has a third mom… the Holy Mother who kept her hand on him during all the time in between.

  17. This isn’t what you would call your typical miracle, but it is one of those things that you just know was God at work.

    On this day(June 10th), 13 years ago, my mother-in-law passed away – my mother had died just 20 hours earlier. Both our mother’s had been diagnosed with cancer 9 months earlier.

    While it was an extremely difficult time for my husband and I, it was a blessing to not have either of our mother’s know that we had lost our other mother. I also think that the shock of losing them both at the same time is part of what carried us through.

    I know that I questioned my faith alot during those months following our losses, but gradually I was able to see that God was with us every step of the way.

    Only our first 2 children met their Granny and Beema, but one day our 3rd child was talking about his grandmothers. I mentioned that he had never met them and my other 2 children corrected me and said “No, Mom – remember, Graham met Granny and Beema when he was up in heaven, before he came down and got born.” Out of the mouths of babes!

  18. My daughter. She is a miracle.

    I had my 3 sons, no problems at all. Them 4 m/c. After months of infertility treatments and anguish, we did some blood work to check my immune system out. It indicated a severe pregnancy induced immune system disorder. I was told I would never carry a baby to term without over $15,000 in immune system treatments.

    I became pregnant one month later, and carried her to term. She is a miracle, but the one way I know that God was watching over us was this: http://jody2ms.blogspot.com/2004/02/well-it-has-been-eventful-week.html#links

    He was there, right from the start. She is Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

    I have miscarried again since Mia’s birth. I look at her, and I see God’s perfect work.

  19. I met my husband in high school; we fell in love, went to college, and got married. We started trying to have our first baby when I was 22. We begged and pleaded with the Lord to bless us with a baby. After struggling for close to 2 years, we found out my sister-in-law was pregnant with their first. We were devastated. We prayed. 1 week later we found out our best friends were expecting their first. We were crushed. We prayed. During our prayers, we were broken and realized that our devastation and our hurt were selfish and that those were not the emotions the Lord desired for us to have towards our friends. We repented and prayed and PRAYED. 6 weeks later I had my first positive pregnancy test. We praised the Lord. At 35 weeks, our son was born. We praised the Lord. Last Thursday my sister-in-law called and told me she is pregnant again. We praised the Lord. That night I received my second positive pregnancy test.

    For our first child we spent 1 year trying to get pregnant. We then went to the doctor. They spent 6 more months trying to figure out how to “fix” me. After 6 months, I was “better”. It took us another 6 months of hormones upon hormones to conceive our son.

    Our second conception has been a gift directly from our Lord and Savior. We are thankful for our surprise, our miracle!

  20. Every day, every breath. The sun rising and setting. Every animal on this earth. The skies and seas. God’s hand is everywhere and everything he does is miraculous.

  21. Mine seems so silly compared to the wonderful miracles above, but since it happened so recently it’s really fresh in my mind. We’re having a third child and really needing a van. So we’ve been saving for ever-so-long and finally got up to the appointed amount. We found a wonderful deal (seemed good to us, the check-it-over mechanic, our budget) and sweet hubby drove to go get it. On the way home he hit a deer! Ugh! He was unhurt (so thankfully!) but the van was in rough shape. However, insurance covered it (yay!). But we haven’t gotten to see our “new” van for three weeks since we bought it. Well, the day we took it home it still had some electrical problems so we brought it back in. The collision place was unable to repair, so they sent it on to the dealer. In addition to fixing the electrical they found that the transmission was bad (oh no! big $!). But, it was covered by a warranty that would have only been good for the next two thousand miles – so it was free! Thank you God! Without that deer we probably would have been paying for the transmission on our own in a few months!
    Like I said, it doesn’t compare to the above miracles, but it is wonderful in our lives and we’re so thankful!

  22. obviously, my biggest miracle is the birth of my son. pretty amazing.
    maybe not a miracle, but some greater power at work telling me it wasn’t my time was the time I was driving across the country to spend the summer in DC, and fell asleep at the wheel, woke up when I drifted on to the shoulder, was able to recover, and not wreck. Like I said, maybe not a miracle, but a higher power at work.

  23. Big money…no whammies…Netflix…STOP!

  24. I have had so many but this was a long time ago when I was very depressed after one of our children died in infancy. I could barely get myself moving every day, had trouble eating and just doing the most basic things each day. I went into a convinence store and a guy dressed in white (I kid you not) said “You know, He is with you”…and I kind of shrugeed him off thinking he meant a guy in the store and he thought I was with someone…I was pretty out of it in those days. And he looked right at me and said “God is WITH you right now!” This was a man I had never seen before and since that day I have always wondered if he was an angel sent to let me know that God was truly not leaving me alone in the darkness of that period in my life. I still get goosebumps thinking about it and it was over 7 years ago!

  25. We are just entering into adoption and God has truly miraculously been opening doors and lighting the path for us every step of the way. Where to start?

    I’m graduating and was on the job market for a pretty specialized job. We were hoping to find jobs near family but didn’t have much hope, until a great job opened up in my husband’s home town. This is the first time they have hired for this position in 15 years and they made an amazing offer, so we jumped. Immediately after we found our dream home in the perfect location and my husband found a job too. Everything was coming together.

    We have a 2 year old and have been anxious to grow our family. We have always wanted to adopt eventually and it was made clear to me that a pregnancy was not a good plan for a few years so I asked my husband if he thought we could consider adoption. Two days later I stumbled upon a photolisting (I know, I know…) of a 2 week old Guatemalan girl that grabbed my heart. I couldn’t shake her and 5 days later I emailed to ask for more information. She was available. Since we were planning to move we felt we should wait until we were settled in our new state, jobs, insurance, etc. Probably October. But she still pulled at my heart.

    2 weeks later I read about a fund raiser raffle for another mom with cancer. I donated 3 personalized baby items, knowing they were unlikely to be needed by a lot of people but trusting God would find a use. A week later, after an utterly random double-blind raffle I contacted my winner, let’s call her H, explaining that she could use them as gifts or whatever. She emailed back to say she not only could use them but that she was delighted to have them since she and her husband were going to Guatemala to pick up their daughter. We exchanged a few emails and discovered she was adopting through the same agency and agent representing the girl I had fallen in love with. We started speeding up our process.

    I went to tour our new home with the inspector a week later. It was all so overwhelming. The graduation, new job, new home, and the call to adopt were all too much. I walked into the living room and sat down to take it all in. I found myself praying for some sense of peace to know we weren’t rushing into something we would regret, that we were doing something right. I looked up and found myself facing a framed poem about God’s call to adopt, that we are called to love God’s children and that adoption is the act of two mothers both doing the best thing for one child. I had never felt so personally called and convicted in my life.

    Cut to a week later, I contacted the agent and asked if I could send a gift or supplies to “my girl”, or just make a donation to humanitarian aid. She agreed to bring a gift, I mailed it out, and we sped up the process. We started mailing out packets this week, hoping to get the paperwork done fast enough to request her at a referral.

    We talked to our real estate agent about the lack of address in our new state and she asked our sellers. Turns out all 3 of their children are adopted and when they heard our story they agreed to “rent” the house to us starting immediately, so we have a residence and can start filign paperwork. We mailed out homestudy and agency applications this weekend.

    Then this weekend we went online to show our family her photo. I was devestated to find she was gone. I mourned her all weekend. This morning I randomly heard from H again, thanking us again for the baby items and wishing us luck with the process and commenting that “our girl” was still available. I wrote back that, no, she wasn’t. She sent me a new list showing she was available and that the old page was just being recoded. She is my adoption gaurdian angel.

    Sorry that was so long, but I truly feel that God is holding our hands and guiding us directly to this child.

  26. (I tried posting this earlier today, had some trouble, and now don’t see it here…so I’m gonna try to repost…)

    I was witness to one ealier this month. A young couple at our church has a pre-teen boy from the dad’s previous marriage and a little girl together about the age of Flicka. The dad and son were in a serious car accident April 28th. I blogged about it May 7th: (http://twolittlevikings.blogspot.com/2007/05/following-lords-lead.html)

    The son suffered (among other things) a pretty serious head injury including a cut from nearly ear to ear just above his front hairline. His parents were initially told that it would be weeks before things could properly be assessed but they should begin preparing for a several week stay with them at our local regional children’s hospital then a transfer to a long-term care facility several hours away for months of rehab. As of one week post-accident, the boy still was not speaking and it was unclear if he would learn to walk normally again.

    Another week began. Our little church prayed and prayed. Our pastors and others traveled the two hour round trip several times that week to be at his bedside and to support the young couple.

    Two weeks post-accident…to the astonishment of the medical staff, that boy was released from the hospital! He was speaking perfectly. He was in church on May 13th or 20th – I don’t remember which. And, while he came to that Sunday’s service in a wheelchair, yesterday he was walking only with the aid of crutches for the broken leg! Praise God!

  27. After the tree he was cutting fell on him, paralyzing him permanently, my Dad lay in the freezing rain, for 7 hours . His core temperature was 80 (80!!!) when my husband found him and blood pressure 50/33. Against, medical predications, he has no brain damage. In fact, the cold saved his life as he had punctured a lung with his 8 broken ribs. Had he not been hypothermic, he would have bleed to death internally.

    For two days after the accident, my brother was trapped at his workplace by fallen trees (Dec 14 2006 PNW windstorm) and could not get out to be with us. When I called brother to tell him to not bother coming to our hometown, but to go straight to Harborview (the tramua center for five states), as Dad was being airlifted, brother said he had just gotten onto the interstate. He called from the Harborview hospital to say that he was watching the helicopter land. Dad went from my handhold on this end to brother’s handhold on arrival. God’s timed that tree removal perfectly.

    In ICU at Harborview, one of our nurses was a woman whom had lived with my parent’s in college and was my sister’s Young Life leader. How we needed her prayerful companionship.

    Many many times in this hard hard episode of our life God has shown us, clearly and tenderly, that He is here with us. That Dad lives at all is a medical amazement. That his brain did not die off due to hypothermia is amazing.

    How is he now? A T4 paraplegic – has shoulders and arms and neck, nothing else. We are grateful for his life.

  28. egads – that post is full of typos. I get a bit emotional when I think of those weeks.