On my one remaining brain cell…

…I will try to cobble together a post.

The two year old is feverish and puking today and is the Princess of Whine, poor thing. Her bug doesn’t bode well for the almost-5-year-old’s planned birthday party Sunday evening. If she doesn’t shape up by tomorrow, I’ll be calling off the visitors, I suppose. Though the party will go on. We joke that our family song is “Wherever we go, that’s where the party’s at.” My sweet 5 year old is getting breakfast in bed tomorrow morning. She has requested Aunt Edie pancakes with strawberries on top. For the uninformed, Aunt Edie Pancakes are actually crepes– really thin pancakes coated in butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar and rolled up. They were so named when I was a child and Aunt Edie, in her days as a young glamorous flight attendant came to our house for a visit and made crepes for breakfast one morning. Mmm, mmmm.

Also of interest, today we traded one of our horses for a steer and some cash. An eminently sensible move on our part, I’m sure, since all a horse does is eat — but one that has greatly displeased our other horse. He is currently charging around, whinnying piteously, and making me feel like a real clod. My hubby keeps reminding me that he’s only a horse and he’ll be ok. Still….sigh. At this point the cow is too utterly cute to even think of him gracing our freezer next year. We have named him Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) and are hoping he will lose his cuteness in a year or so. But he’s a Jersey, which everyone knows is the cutest cow around, as cows go. Not sure if we’re actually the type to raise our own beef, but we will give it a shot this once. And heaven knows my big boys eat enough that a freezer full of beef will be very welcome.

Finally, the best news of the day is that our girls DID get their gift bags this week and in the words of the director of our agency, they were ‘very excited’. They were more interested in the photos than the gifts, which she said was a good sign. The group of families just 10 days ahead of us got assigned court dates of June 18th and 21st. So I am optimistic that by early July we could have our day in court, with travel 3-5 weeks later. We should find out in a couple weeks, hopefully. Oh, how I wish I could have been there to see the girls get their bags…

I’m now off to put my whiny two year old to bed….hopefully both she and the horse will feel better in the morning.

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  1. I hope your baby is feeling better (the horse too!)….so glad your girls got their welcome bag- that must feel really good to know that THEY know you are coming! My family is praying that you travel soon- hope the party goes off without a hitch…….

  2. I’m curious, why will it take 3-5 weeks for you to get to Ethiopia after the approval? Are there a lot of extra hoops to go through to get to the country, visas etc? No standby flights, etc?

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and the party goes well!
    I had to smile thinking about the poor horse and “too cute for meat” cow…that was great.

    Good news about the girls. Wow!!!!!

  4. Oh to have a horse again!!! Not that I have the time or place for one, but my heart yearns. The girls keep picking out pastures along the roads say “We could put our horse here Mommy”…They don’t seem to understand that land doesn’t belong to us, nor do I know who owns it…*sigh* Someday, someday it will happen…

    Hope your little one feels better soon!!!

  5. oh mary, never give the cow that is supposed to turn into steaks a name! i hope that cute baby feels better real soon and miss priss has a very happy birthday!

  6. Mikey, from Monsters, Inc.: “You’re not supposed to name IT! Once you name IT, you start getting attached to IT!”

    Nevertheless, LOVE the fact that you named your sweet Jersey cow Bulgogi! What a riot!

    Hope the 2 year old and the horse start to feel better. 🙂

    Glad the girls received your package and that they loved the photos. Who wouldn’t love seeing themselves integrated into your family like that?? Looking forward to “meeting” them later this summer!


  7. Oh wow, Mary! I can’t imagine what your girls were thinking, feeling, or doing as they looked through those pics/gifts!!!! It must be such an emotional time for them right now (and I suppose will be for a season!!)!!! Thanks for continually sharing pieces of info like this – it’s beautiful!!!!

    So sorry your baby is sick : ( That’s NEVER fun!!! But I haven’t read the updated posts :), so maybe she’s better by now!! I HOPE!

    And raising your own beef….that’s a big step! I look forward to hearing how that goes! : ) My dad did that most of our life…we always had a freezer full of meat!

  8. Once your horse gets used to being an “only horse”, he’ll probably be more people-friendly. I know my Blue acted like he always wanted to be with us, when he had no other horses around. He still likes us, but he hangs out with the horses and doesn’t worry about us like he used to.

    Don’t expect too much beef from a Jersey; I’ve had Jerseys all my life, and they grow slowly and not-too-big. The meat is as good as any, though.