Update on the cookin’

After another cook’s meeting today, I’m feeling like we’re gaining on this church camp cooking thing. Camp starts in two weeks. We have the menus figured out, along with a rough flow chart for the cooking of each meal. I’m head cook for lunch (that’s only 4 meals). My friend Cindy and our pastor’s wife are in charge for dinner (4 other meals). We still need someone in charge of the breakfasts. I CANNOT. I just cannot. Hopefully some kind soul will still volunteer. We have several other people for each meal who’ve volunteered to help out. Basically all we have to do is find a head cook for breakfast, beg for a few other helpers, shop, schlep everything up there, and work our patooties off during the meals we’re in charge of…. I’m telling myself it won’t be that bad….

Not quite convinced yet.

At least it will distract me from my –ack— 40th birthday on the 21st. Trying not to think too deeply about that.

On the bright side, yesterday our immigration preapproval (I171H) came in the mail, which basically approves our family to bring the girls into the U.S. It was approved exactly one month after we got our fingerprints done, so that is pretty fast! I’m praying that I’ll get a court date for my 40th birthday– now THAT would be something worth celebrating!

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  1. I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  2. hope you find a breakfast chef- I’m sure you will…….and Happy early birthday! I hope you get EVERYTHING you want for your birthday-

  3. Forty rocks, I promise.

    I know you will get through this. I KNOW it. I believe in you 🙂

    And, you’re right! Wouldn’t that be the BESTEST present ev-er!

  4. Thanks for letting me know to bring a cake!!!!! LOL

    And considering that you look about 30 (unless of course you mention the 19 yr old daughter thing!!!) you’re making forty look good.

    oh, and your post below was hilarious!

  5. Sure wish I were out there to help you with this meal thing! I think it would be great to work on a team with you!
    And remember – age is just a number! I bet with all those wonderful children running around, you don’t actually feel old (except maybe at night when you’re ready to collapse?)!
    Congrats on a quick I171! Praying for a speedy court date for you. These parts that we have no personal control over can drive you to distraction!

  6. I like having specifics to pray for! Ok then…. Mary wants a court date for her 40th. Will add my prayers.

  7. Never say you CANNOT. God may prove you wrong. 🙂