Works for Me: Mom, I’m Bored!

I can’t say that my kids say that to me too often. They know that my stock answer tends to be: “I’m so glad! I was just needing some help!”

However, I do occasionally get creative and actually suggest fun stuff. Here are five things our kids will probably be doing this summer:

1.) Swim, swim, swim. Our pool is nothing fancy, but it is big enough to burn off some energy.

2.) Make a tent. Card tables, bar stools, and blankets will keep them occupied for quite awhile. The cleanup the next day will take them even longer.

3.) Make your own pizza. Mom makes the dough. They put together a culinary masterpiece. Pie tins are a nice size for individual pizzas.

4.) Paint the porch. No, not with paint. All this takes is a bucket of water and a bunch of old paintbrushes. Kids have a great time slapping that water all over the place. Swimsuits suggested, but not essential. This activity is most welcomed on a very hot day.

5.) And finally, for a real crowd pleaser, you can’t beat a good frog dissection. That’s on our agenda this summer. My teenagers didn’t quite manage to finish that biology book yet. I can guarantee they will have younger siblings hanging around the counter in rapt attention.

Frog dissection for bored kids: works for me. (cue the evil homeschooling momma laughter)

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  1. sincerelyanna says:


  2. Frog dissection! Perfect!

    I love the paint the porch idea. My little guy loves painting. This could keep him busy for quite awhile.

  3. Grerat ideas! We do waterpainting on the chalkboard or on the sidewalk … on the porch is a great idea. Perhaps the brick wall would be interesting too!

    These kids….

    Do you have an easy recipe for pizza dough? I’d love a post or a link if you do!

  4. Excellent idea on the frog dissection! We might copy that 🙂

  5. At 12 and 15 the pizza would still go down well with my boys.

    And the frog disection? Hmmmm, my 12 year old would jump at the chance, but my 15 year old would probably opt out!

  6. I think I’ll try everything BUT the dissection. 🙂

    My typical response to “I’m Bored” is to tell them that “You are too smart” to be bored. I get quite the responses from that – so I think I’ll try your answer too and see which one they’d prefer.



  7. It’s amazing how much fun painting with water can be for kids. I used to do that with mine, but I had forgotten about it! Definitely pulling that out soon…

  8. I just found your site and I’m so happy!! We are a growing family….hopefully large in the future, and I love reading blogs from other busy moms!

    The dissection sounds fun! Maybe not good for a 2 year old boy, but he naps, right? 😉


  9. Wonderful suggestions.

    I don’t know that we’re quite up for frog dissections yet–I am fine with it, I did mine (fetal pig, actually) in high school without a hitch. My youngest would think it was cool–but the oldest is a bit squeamish.

    Have a fun summer!

  10. Love the frog dissection idea! I really do!

  11. Froggies everywhere, accustomed to getting the summer off, will not be pleased to hear of your plug for this! It’s definitely a more educational pursuit than the countless butterfly wingectomies that occur around the globe all summer long, however.

    My kids like spray bottles and making stuff out of paper, tape, tape, and did I mention tape? The older boys are also thrilled when I send them outside to the loft of their swingset with SNACKS! and books to read.

  12. That’s IT. I’ll put Beanie to work dissecting frogs.

  13. Wow. Painting the porch would be great in our house. Water, paintbrushes, the back porch – all the things my kids love best! My favorite though is Oh good, I need your help! I’ll have to remember that one.

  14. MamaTooz says:

    Many years ago, a teacher at my school finished up her frog dissection unit by mummifying the remains. That was really, really cool. My son was delighted to get to keep the mummified frog on his bookcase, and even took it to college with him years later. I think “Hoppy” (he named it) has bit the dust by now, but it is still a good memory.

  15. I love the idea of painting with water! My kids will love it!!!

  16. “I’m so glad! I was just needing some help!”
    “I’m so glad! I was just needing some help!”
    “I’m so glad! I was just needing some help!”

    I have GOT to remember that! I love it!

  17. The first one is my stock answer too. “I’ve got a job for you!” The others are admittedly more fun for the kids though! 🙂

  18. A Juggling Mum says:

    I love your ideas 🙂

    Rachel xxx