nutty, nutty, dreadfully nutty…

(sung to the tune of “Busy, busy, dreadfully busy” from Veggie Tales -Heroes from the Bible)

I am going slowly crazy here.

FOr the past five days, ever since our agency director reached Ethiopia, I have been hoping for some news about our girls: either their reaction to their welcome bags or news about our court date, or (best yet) news about both topics.

But nothing.

This is when I start wondering how on earth I ever survive the adoption process, seeing how I possess not one iota of patience.

Seriously, I am checking my email about every 22 minutes these days.

I’m a nutcase.


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  1. xawilsons says:

    22? You’re not a nutcase until you’re planted in front of the computer with the phone nestled in your hand and thumb on the “answer” button and you refuse to leave the trenches until the battle is one and you have one iota of information, FINALLY, thank you very much!!!

    Hang in there!

  2. xawilsons says:

    duh–won not one!!!

  3. Why is it, when not in the adoption process we tend to forget how stressful waiting is? I realized today I went 4 hours without thinking about when the 600 would be submitted for us. It would have gone on longer, but some had to ask me about where we were at. Crazy. I will pray for quick news, new pictures, and peace.

  4. I feel for you Mary. Praying you get good news soon.

  5. I’m the same way. We’ve thought about doing an adoption from China again, but the loooong wait would push me over the edge.

  6. Mary,
    I SO understand how you feel! I’m hoping you get good news on both fronts soon!

  7. Mary,

    It is the most difficult wait in the world. I pray you hear news soon.


  8. I’m right there with you!

  9. I’m completely in the same space – I check my email, then my yahoo group, then my other email and then I read blogs, and then I check my email, then my yahoo group… you get the picture.

    Praying you get news soon!!


  10. me too . . . me too! Ug!

  11. Hey, ever 22 minutes is not bad at all. Now, every 2 minutes might make getting other things done a little challenging… 🙂 Hang in there.

  12. hang in there…not everyone is as efficient as you. 🙂

  13. Only every 22 minutes? I’d have to buzzing on my cell phone, attached to my hip, all day long, like a father-to-be waiting for the call that, well, his child is coming. =)

    Best of luck, and hang in there. It’ll all fall into place, by God’s grace and in His time.

  14. I think our gift bags traveled in the same suitcase! Did you get a giftbag picture yet??!!
    (waiting-and waiting-and waiting!!!)

  15. I’m like Stacie – I carry my cell in my pocket (always on) and rotate as much as I can throughout the work day (and at night) between my Yahoo group, email, and blogs. Repeat until I drop asleep at the computer about midnight.