zero to grouch in two minutes

Last night I was in a perfectly good mood.


Until I heard kids screaming in the bathroom and ran in there just in time to see one kid chucking another kid’s drinking cup across the room, and then as I was getting that picked up and sternly admonishing the child to be kind, the child absentmindedly poured way too much flouride rinse in his cup at the exact same time that his brother bumped his elbow, adding even more $3 per pint liquid to the puddle already on the counter, and steam started coming out of my ears and I removed the two year old from her stepstool at the sink where she was soaking the front of her PJ’s, so I could grab a towel and wipe up the puddle, and I told the dawdling 4 year old to go to bed right now, but when I tossed the damp towel in the laundry, I saw that the washer wasn’t going and the same batch of clothes had been on the line the entire day and I spoke in dulcet tones hollered upstairs to the 13 year old who was supposed to have gotten at least two loads done that day so no no one will DROWN in the laundry pile, for cryin’ out loud, and I waited until he came down with turtle-like speed, and then I went into the 4 year old’s room to tuck her in and discovered that sometime earlier in the day the two year old had climbed up on the bunk bed and chucked 27 thousand stuffed animals all over the floor from the shelf where they were supposed to be, and the four year old had left three games and 11 items of clothing all over the floor and out of 7 drawers currently being used in the room, only one of them was actually SHUT, and all of a sudden I was barking directions loudly enough that my husband came in from the living room and said in a reproachful tone, “Why are you in such a bad mood?”

Why indeed?

I must’ve exceeded my two-minor-calamities-per-minute limit.

Somebody put me to bed.


(What’s that? You thought moms of many are saints? Not me, darnitanyway….)

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  1. *Whew* glad to know I’m not the only one to look back and think, “Wow, I was in a perfectly good mood a couple of minutes go.”

  2. The kids just look at their dad and say “Hero to Zero, in no tie flat”.

  3. Oh I had a day like that yesterday! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  4. Uggghhh…I’m right there with you sister. Right there with you.

    I like the line “two-minor-calamities-per-minute-limit” I never really thought about it like that but I suppose that is true for me too.

    BTW, my 12 year old is also what I call “responsiblity challenged”. We have room inspections at our house and he is failing so often it is ridiculous. There is nothing like walking in and finding 300 dollars worth of ortho retainers IN THE FLOOR.

    Excuse me….I need to go breathe……


  5. All of our kids lost their minds last night too. In fact, right after the last one walked out of the room, my husband looked at me and said, “Did someone forget to tell me this was National Act Stupid Day?”

    BTW, my responsibility challenged 12 year old son has been “practicing” responsibility lately by not only doing his own chores, but also everyone else’s. His ability to get a job done is improving rapidly. 8^)

  6. real life! I bark too…and I only have 5!

  7. Christine Masloske says:

    Great run-on sentence! They don’t get much better than that! My 12-yo daughter has lost her brains also and is indefinitely suspended from allowance, friends, fun, asking for things, editing her magazine, basically LIFE until that attitude improves! Thanks for sharing…

    Love in Christ,

  8. It must be something in the air. There seems to be a whole lot of that going on over here too. I’ve finally given up and retreated to cyberworld while the kids watch the smelly tv until their eyes go square.

  9. Wow, what a day, huh? Hope today was much better!!

  10. Ugh. Yeah.

  11. How is it that we are supposed to “set the tone” of the house, but they fight when we are in good spirits and tear every ounce of good-will out of us? I don’t buy it that we set the tone. Anyone who is in a bad mood sets the tone.

  12. I’ve heard it said that a mother can never be happier than her most unhappy child. I find that to be very true.


  13. Oh, praise the LORD!! I’m not the only one! [:-)

  14. If only these husbands would understand that eventhough at that instant not a biggie, but ALL DAY long, it is. What is hard is when you deal with 10 things in a day – grace-filled – until the one thing sets the bucket of grace tumbling down the hill and empties out till there is none left! I love how you explained it – just as it happened.

  15. Definitely not a saint.
    And I’ve only got 4.