Big Girl Bed (updated)

Look who got a big girl bed today!

Now why on earth am I hoping she’ll come climb back in with me about 3 am?



Update: When we were getting ready for bed, our bed looked, oh, so empty. My husband went in to check on our two year old, only to find out she’d fallen out of her sweet little bed and was now curled up on the floor with her bum up in the air and her arms and legs tucked under her.

“That’s it, ” he said. “She’s coming back in with us.”

After getting her settled in her usual spot our bed, he nodded with satisfaction. “That looks better. I’m not ready to have her sleeping alone.”

I totally agree. That sweet little bed can just look cute for awhile. No sense rushing this growing-up thing…..

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  1. Just happened upon your blog today…how utterly adorable.

  2. and the first twitches of the baby fever begins at owlhaven….

  3. she will. 🙂

    i loved co-sleeping. my first born did too. my second born did not. the second born loves his crib. the first born has been in his big boy bed for 2 years and still finds his way to “the big bed” toward morning 3-4 nights a week.

    she looks so darn tickled! and i love the colors in the room… and the curtains!

  4. Oh – look at all the pretty colors! Someday, when we finish all this paperwork, WAIT…… I’ll paint beautiful bright colors !

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Awwwwww. I love the colors! Did you make her coverlet? Too cute!

    I promise she will not let you down. 3a.m. will happen!

  6. Awww, she looks so happy and proud! I love the bright colors too – such a happy room.

  7. So pretty! Anna wants a pretty big girl bed too!
    I need your help. We have a friend who just got home from China with a 5 year old and it’s not going well. Very angry and resentful towards Mom which I think is normal considering the loss she has sustained from female relationships. She goes balistic when she is told no – kicking, hitting, screaming, etc. Any thoughts?
    She is so sad. This is not what she expected and therefore is completely unprepared for what to do.


  8. She looks absolutely thrilled to be in there! I love what you’ve done with the room. Very cute!!

  9. Such a proud smile!

    We moved both our oldest girls into big girl beds two weeks ago. Training them not to jump on them has been an ordeal.

  10. What a cute room! Did you make her comforter?

  11. Amy, I emailed you privately.

    Shannon and Jody-Yes, I did the quilt and the curtains and the painting. It was fun!

  12. Oh Mary, what a beautiful, happy room to grow up in!

    Such sweet sentiments, too. I’m glad she gets to grow up in her own good time.

  13. The bed is so cute and the room is a beautiful room that looks perfect for girls! I just love the bright colors.

    She does look so cute in her big girl bed, but probably just for sitting on, not really for sleeping.

  14. I’m the same way with my youngest….and she’s 6. I get stern about her learning to sleep in her own bed, but as the tears stream down her face, I give in. NOthing like a sweet, warm little body next to you at night. Husband is good too…..but baby is wonderful.

  15. OH MY DEAR – cute alert. She is precious!

  16. she looks so grown up!!
    beautiful room !

  17. Liz in Australia says:

    Oh, she’s adorable, Mary! And what a big moment for her. I can completely sympathise with wanting her back in with you, though – our 2yo cosleeps and even though she’s flirting with the idea of moving into her sister’s room, she’s in no hurry and neither are we. It’s big sister who feels left out and wants company!

  18. OH, what an adorable room! I love it!
    I wouldn’t rush her out of your bed, either. I love co-sleeping! My dh is less inclined once they are no longer newborns, but he deals with it. He’s bigger about co-sleeping in the beginning because he can more easily indulge his insane need to check for breathing 600 times a night.

  19. The room is beautiful. She looks so cute!

  20. Your man rocks! It’s so hard when they go to their big beds 🙁 The room is adorable though!!

  21. What an adorable room for your adorable girl.

  22. Oh my… serious toddler envy occurring! She is too cute!

  23. I’m proud to say I have a Hubby that thinks that way too. Isn’t it the best?!?! Our youngest is almost 2, and I am SOOO not ready for her to want to move on to being a big girl. Here’s to midnight cuddles and cozy feedings for a good while longer. 8^)