This evening we had a birthday bash for our son who just turned 9, which meant that this afternoon we found ourselves scurrying around pulling sweat socks out from under the couch and wiping fingerprints off windows and scrubbing jam off dining room chairs. (Oh, AND installing lovely new porch lights on our front porch, because two hours before you’re expecting 30 people at your house is always the perfect time to start ripping bits off the front of the house.)

My oldest two daughters, fingers worn to the bone from making cupcakes and scrubbing bathrooms, declared their intention not to clean their own room. “Don’t bring the little kids into our room,” one of them sternly told their four year old sister.

“Why not?” she asked indignantly. After all, when you’re four and a born socialite like my daughter, part of the delight of having many small cousins coming to visit is being able to walk from room to room magnanimously allowing your cousins to finger every delightful item your older siblings own.

The teenagers explained that they didn’t want their five year old cousins playing with their stuff, but the four year old wasn’t looking like she shared their concern.

“It won’t matter,” said my 12 year old glumly, shaking his head. “They go in everyone’s rooms even when they’re not invited.” Sighing heavily he added, “They’re worse than social workers.”

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  1. BUSTED!

  2. Ha! Too funny.

  3. BwaHaHaHaHa! Awesome!

  4. 12 year olds always know what’s going on!

  5. Ahahahahah…. good one!

  6. So funny! I am so happy to have found your blog ~ what a blessing to me! I will be back to read more for sure! Blessings to you, from Okinawa!!

  7. That’s hilarious! Leave it to an owlhaven kid to know all about social workers 🙂
    Last night, your 2 little girls were vying for an auntie’s opinion (so was I, I guess…), and your baby kept interrupting her sister. I just laughed at her and said, “she’s a great little sister!” to which she said, “i’m not little, i’m HUGE!” When asked how daddy compares, she said, “he’s huger….” 🙂

  8. Ha! So, whose idea was the porch light deal? (Notice how I refrained from saying “bright idea”?)
    Congrats to the Birthday Boy!

  9. Sandra,

    It was mine. My MIL gave me some Mother’s Day money and instructed me to spend it on something fun. I was thrilled to update the lights, and told my MIL so. But after she went home when we were standing out on the driveway admiring the lights, I asked my family if they thought she would actually consider porch lights ‘fun’. My 17 year old laughed and said, “It’s probably as fun as she could expect from you!’

    I’m too practical, I guess.


  10. Oh my gosh. I HATED it when my younger cousins came into my room. I’m on your girls’ side! Heheheheee!!!

  11. Martina Fahrner says:

    That syndrome also goes for parent’s bedrooms…
    Isn’t it great to have budding stand up comics in the family?

  12. Dawn in OR says:

    Now I understand …how could you hep but become an author ? Just too much good material in your family! 😉

  13. Dawn in OR says:

    Now I understand …how could you help but become an author ? Just too much good material in your family! 😉

  14. Too cute!!


  15. we scrubbed the last time we had a post-placement visit, and the SW didn’t go upstairs! how bummed was I??? very fun at your house.

  16. ROTFLOL! 😀 That’s really too much!

    (Have you told your social worker yet?!)

  17. That’s too cute!

  18. LOL!!!! That is too funny!