Seven Things This Summer

Brianna and Rachel tagged me for the seven things meme. Since I have done the weird things meme before, I thought I’d mix it up a bit. We finished school on Friday, so today is our first day of summer vacation. I’m going to list 7 things that I would like to get done before the girls come home, and 7 fun things we have planned this summer. (Carmen gave me the idea for the second half of this post)

1. Learn 20 phrases in Amharic.
2. Begin scrapbooks for our new girls.
3. Get 3 weeks ahead on my adoption blog.
4. Gather phonics/early reading supplies for this fall.
5. Get shoebox math games put together for this fall.
6. Plan fun activities for kids to do while we’re in Ethiopia.
7. Finish writing book so I’ll only have editing to do after girls come home.

Fun Things
1. Go to church camp at the end of June.
2. Celebrate a birthday for my son turning 9.
3. Celebrate a birthday for my daughter turning 5.
4. Celebrate a birthday for my son who’s turning 13.
5. Go camping in the mountains with family, probably 2 or 3 times
6. Set up the swimming pool in the back yard and watch kids splash.
7. Go to Ethiopia and get our girls, hopefully during the first half of August.

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  1. goodness…i’m tired just looking at all that stuff that you have on your list for the summer!! I’m sure that you will be wildly successful, though 🙂

  2. …and now you are going to have to tell me about the shoebox math games. Details, please.

  3. Yes, details about your shoebox math games would be a wonderful thing.

  4. Sounds like full and fun summer! Don’t forget to include coming over and swimming in our new pool once in a while!!


  5. Those are a lot of neat things!
    Sounds like you’re in for a great summer 🙂

  6. Me too, me too! I want to play “Seven Things This Summer” or is it “Seven Summer Things” . . . I even want to play just like you did. I’ll post it in the morning!

  7. looking back at the entries from church camp and the swimming pool etc…makes me realize how long i’ve been reading your wonderful stories, hearing about your special family traditions and i can’t decide which one i’d like to join you on this year. hmm…seriously…looks like a great summer and i have no doubt that the first seven things will be accomplished without a hitch. enjoy!

  8. How long does an Ethiopian (sp?) take? I think I read about your dossier being completed a few weeks back, and your girls will be home this summer? I’m a bit confused.

  9. * I meant to say ; how long does an Ethiopian adoption take?

  10. Hi Leatitia!

    When you’re adopting older children the adoption can go fairly quickly. We applied and started our homestudy in early April. Our dossier went over May 15th, and at that point we already had our referral. We are hoping that our case will go to court by the end of July, with travel by late August. If all goes well, that would be 5 months from start to finish. It definitely does happen that fast sometimes, but it is possible it could take several months longer than that for us. We’ll see..

    If you’re hoping to adopt an infant girl, you will probably wait 6 or 8 months for a referral, and your total process will probably take closer to 12-14 months. I’d guess that the majority of adoptions thru our agency are complete within a year. Being quick with paperwork and picking an efficient homestudy agency can shave a month or two off the process.