Opinion Saturday: Kids’ rooms

Well, somehow the week got away from me and I forgot to declare a winner for last week’s opinion question. The Golden Keyboard this week goes to Jane, who shared some great ways their family helped their kids prepare for new siblings. Thanks, Jane!

This week’s question has to do with organizing kids’ bedrooms. What have you done to tame the clutter monster in your kids’ rooms? You have until Wednesday evening to share your best tips!

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  1. We bought an underbed box for each child. The only toys they can have in their bedrooms must fit in the box, all at once. Each night, the bedroom toys must all be put away in their underbed boxes. Every so often they go through their boxes and take things out to make room for different stuff.

  2. When it gets too crazy I give them each two large shopping bags: they fill one with stuff to give away and the other with stuff to throw away.

    I’m going to adopt Christine’s idea.

  3. We also do an underbed box for each of our 3 boys, who share a room. They started calling them “brother boxes” and the name stuck. We also have clip strips up on the wall (in addition to those that cover the fridge) for paper masterpieces that just cannot be parted with. Other than that, it’s just attempting to make things as easy to put away as possible in their little space– a huge basket for stuffed animals, an open laundry basket for dirty clothes… though somehow dirty socks always end up just *beside* the basket!

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  5. Hi;

    We keep all toys out of the bedroom…I currently have 6 kids..we too are doing another adoption (this time to Guatemala on the girls list).

    My sweeties are allowed a sleeping buddy (a stuffed animal and a blankie) that’s it.

    We have all the toys in a playroom in our basement…which we go through a few times a year to release some of the less used or worn out.

    Not sure there is any rocket science happening here, but things are usually pretty neat- we have lived as licensed adoptive parents (foster/adoptive) so visits from social workers is always a possibility…well not anymore…cause now we are all adopted…unless of course God sends us back to adopt more 😉

    mama to 6…one homemade and 5 adopted, working on child 7 (and maybe 8 if there is a sibling?)

    come by and see us!

  6. Sorry – I am not sure – what is a clip strip?


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