The other evening when the din at the dinner table was growing deafening, my almost-9-year-old declared, “When I go birthday shopping with Oma and Grandpa, I’m buying earplugs!”

My just-turned-9 year old nodded understandingly. “Buy me some too, OK?”

Then they both returned to adding their own contribution to the noisy mealtime buzz.

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  1. Oh, Mary, don’t “kids say the darndest things?”

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Mary!

  3. That is very cute! Happy Mothers Day.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day!

    We often have the musical version of this conversation, too: “Would you be QUIET??!! Stop singing the same song loudly, over and over!” he demands, before resuming his own high-volume rendition of the Middle East geography song for the 13th time in a row…

  5. Simply adorable!!!

  6. Hilarious. I love it. Tell them your friend Jamie wants some too.

  7. Ah…the wisdom of 9 year olds. *L*

  8. Our household has just three boys but already I relate. God gives us two ears and one mouth, but still we talk more than we listen! 🙂