Fruity Cheerios

A week or two ago I got a sample of Fruity Cheerios to try out. I am such a cheapskate that I tend not to buy the actual Cheerios brand cereal. To me good old Flavorite Toasted Oats cereal is fine, especially as fast as it goes bye-bye at my house. These Fruity Cheerios may just tempt me though. They had a much fruitier taste than what I usually buy. My kids pronounced them yummy. Though I would wait till I had a coupon, I would buy these again.

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  1. Ms. McFearsome says:

    i love these! they are so much less “sugary” tasting than something like fruit loops!

  2. These are MUCH better than the others 🙂

  3. Fruity Cheerios is the only reason my son will stay in the nursery on Sunday morning at church. These are a delicacy that he doesn’t get at home. Last Sunday, they tried to serve him substandard regular Cheerios. There was one lone Fruity Cheerio in the bowl. Which he immediately plucked out and shoved into his mouth. He went over to the cabinet which usually housed the beloved Fruity Cheerios, and pointed, then made his “more” sign vehemently with his chubby little hands. Sadly, there was no more.

    I’m going to be bringing my own stash of Fruity Cheerios in his diaper bag next Sunday.

  4. Unfortunately, blue dye isn’t my friend.
    I do like Honey Nut Cheerios, tho.

  5. fieldtripfridays says:

    Fruity Cheerios are fine for the kids, but I am stuck on the strawberry yogurt burst cheerios. I really think I’m addicted. I sometimes even have a bowl at night, because I don’t think I can wait til morning for my fix! 🙂

  6. I hope they come up to Canada soon – Fruit Loops were a special camping treat for my kids. And I like them too.