Yard Sale Answer

Oh, man! You guys are almost making me think I spent too much for that heap of clothes. My total was $32. (Of course, I would have spent that much on ONE pair of new name brand jeans, so maybe I don’t feel so bad after all.) The person who guessed closest was….Jean, of Hope Comes Home.

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  1. Uhhhh….Mary? You would have spent far, FAR more than $32 on a new pair of name-brand jeans! LOL! You did great!

  2. I think you did GREAT, Mary! Now you just need to get those girls home to wear their new clothes!

  3. The last thing you got was ripped off. What a great deal!!

  4. That is a great deal!
    Especially when you consider that those shirts new would have been about $10/ea.

    Kudos for you!!!

  5. I think you got a great deal! I am also wondering if you or any of your readers know a family who could use 9 and 12 month COLDER WEATHER boys clothing. I have a son who is 16 months now so if there is someone out there who is about 6 months behind him, I’ll have clothing two or three times a year I’d love to send to someone. No charge!

  6. Done good!

  7. Totally great deals! I just guessed low because I wasn’t sure what to think : )