Return of the Yard Sale Guessing Game

We went yard saling today, hoping for a few items of clothing to put in the empty half-closet designated for our new girls. Here was our haul. About 3/4 of it should be perfect for the girls, and my 17 year old daughter and I scored 2 pair of (nice) jeans each!

7-Pair of Jeans (all Gap, Aeropos??-somethingorother, and other name brands)
10 -T-shirts
8 -Long sleeve shirts
1-Pair of Shorts
2- Pair of capris
1 Pair of wind pants
1 -Pair of PJ’s
1- Lawn sprinkler
1-Cheese Grater

Care to guess how much we spent?

Tomorrow I have a great story to tell you about one other item we found!

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  1. I’m just going to guess here but I’m thinking $15.75.

  2. $18.00…

  3. $26.50 🙂
    Quote for “The Yard Sale Queenie” ( my families pet name for me)

  4. $10.00

  5. $5 bucks for the lot.

  6. $18.50

  7. $35.50 is my guess…I did some yard saling today, too! Gotta love yard sales!

  8. $25.50? I really love it when everything is a quarter, which wouls have made it even less. :^) I hope Comfy Denim is right, or that they gave it to you for free when they found out who it was for.

  9. Jennifer says:


    looks like a great haul 🙂

  10. I was gonna say $5 but I’ll say $5.50 since comfy denim already took it :)!!!! Looks like a bunch of awesome finds no matter what the actual price!!!

  11. I’m going to say…$15.50…no idea, really, but it all looks good. And I’m jealous. I love a good yard sale!

  12. Lauren says:

    Aeropostale. 🙂 And I guess $12.25.

  13. I’ll say you spent $14.25!

  14. Are we including the lawn sprinkler and cheese grater?

    I’m going to go with $16.75.

    I’m impressed. Those are some really nice looking clothes. I always seem to find the misshapen faded out stuff. I guess that’s what I get for not getting out the door until after 10 AM!

    Congrats on the fun part of stocking up and preparing for your daughters!

  15. Just thought I’d hazard a guess. $12.50?

  16. $23.50

  17. 25.00

  18. $28.75

  19. A Voice says:

    Mary, don’t feel bad. I don’t know where all the other responders are going garage saleing but it sure isn’t around my area! You can’t get a pair of jeans less then $2 (most people want $5 if they are nice). So my guess would have been over $40.

  20. Shannon says:

    I think everyone just guessed low, because of how great your deal was last time….so they figured they needed to guess really low this time around!

    I agree with you though, $32 is cheap, cheap, cheap when you think about how much you could have spent on just one of those items!


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