Works for Me: Yard Work

There was a fortunate collision of two happenings at our house this week. First of all, the weeds in the flower bed seem to be exploding. Second, my 8 and 9 year olds are wanting to earn some money. I hit the bank today for some nice crisp $1 bills, and tomorrow the boys plan to see how many of those dollars they can make their own.

In the past I have paid kids $3/hour. But I’ve found through trial and error that the best way to get the most done is to pay by the bucketfull. Tomorrow I’ll be handing my guys empty gallon-sized ice cream buckets, and they’ll be getting 50 cents for every bucket full of weeds they bring me. I may end up paying more than $3 an hour, but I’ll be getting a lot more weeds gone too.

Works for me

(PS– Shannon’s doing a birthday theme this week, which I forgot about. But hey, my tip COULD help get your yard shaped up for the party, right?)

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  1. we pay by the bucketfull too! I like that they then control how much they earn and they always do more this way then paying by the hour…..I catch a lot of fooling around when I pay by the hour… friends think I’m nuts because the boys are so young….but it is true, a 6 and a 3 year old CAN pull weeds- and do a great job too!

  2. We used to pull weeds at my house by the bucketful, too. Except our yard was right next to a big pasture with horses and there were lots of long grasses and weeds that grew by the fence. But instead of filling the bucket with weeds from the garden, we’d shove as many of the big, space consuming weeds down at the bottom. Then we wouldn’t have to do so much “real” weeding to get the bucket filled. We thought we were very sneaky.

  3. By the bucketfull……I like it!


  4. Great idea!!

  5. I like by the bucketful idea too – maybe slugs by the jarful? or potato beetles?

  6. I paid a neighborhood boy a nickel a pinecone to clean up our yard. His mom said that $4 was too much for this job, but I was thrilled that eighty pinecones were gone from the yard!