“Hey Mommy!”

“Look– I’m smelling butterflies!”

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  1. Sophie says:

    lol…we have lots of butterflies at our house, too! 🙂

  2. Beautiful shots!

  3. BEAUTIFUL shots!!!

  4. Awwww!

  5. Hi Mary,

    Your children are so adorable. The little one is so cute and photogenic! Did you do her braids yourself?

  6. Mary,

    She is precious. Absolutely precious.


  7. My goodness! She is a gorgeous one, isn’t she?!

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  8. She’s adorable. Great shots!

  9. She is so beautiful.

  10. bethm1994 says:

    I think the comment I made on your last post got eaten up!

  11. What fun!

  12. Too cute!

  13. She’s gotten so big!

  14. what a cutie pie!!

  15. These are so beautiful!

  16. To echo all of the comments before me, she is beautiful! Love the photos.

  17. I’ve read that if you get the greens before it makes the flower, that they are a tasty salad. I haven’t tried it LOL

    I spent my weekend removing “butterflies” from my flowerbeds. The flowerbeds look strangely empty now. hehehe.

  18. That smile! I must melt your heart on a daily basis!

  19. She’s just too cute!!

  20. Awww!!! She just looks so stunning in purple. Purple is the color that Mia wears well too!

  21. She’s looking so cute, and getting to be such a big girl! 🙂

  22. Cute pics! Email me your address and I’ll explain about our court date. 🙂

  23. Her eyes always make me catch my breath. Every single time.

  24. She is adorable! I love her t-shirt. Her smile would light a room!