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I have a tidbit over at Larger Families this morning. Go tell me what you learned in April, OK?

Also, my Golden Keyboard winner this week answering the question of how to nurture the relationship with your spouse is I Agree With Me. Go say Hi, and thanks to everyone for your great comments!

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  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you so much for your kind award. I am thrilled! I have never won a writing award before and this makes me so happy. I appreciate your generosity and how you let others express themselves on your own blog. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Today has been a difficult day because we are dealing with some heavy personal issues at home and this just lifts my spirits. I will blog about what is going on next week, but not right now so thanks for the respite — my heart is less heavy now because of your goodness.

  2. Congratulations!!