What about heaven?

I received some books awhile ago to review that I’ve been meaning to tell you about. They are children’s books on the topic of heaven, and are written by Randy Alcorn.

The first book is called Heaven For Kids. It is a softcover book of about 200 pages, and is set up in a question and answer format, asking many common questions about heaven in a way that is very accessible to elementary-aged children. My 9 year old was thumbing through the book and reading parts of it on his own.

The second one is a story book called Wait Until Then. This book features a boy and his grandpa talking about heaven. The boy is in a wheechair and the grandpa has cancer. They talk about how in heaven they will both have perfectly working bodies. The tough subject matter is dealt with in a hopeful way. This book especially touched me because one of my sons was born without one foot. I can count on one hand the number of well-done books that feature a child with a disability. And this one was done in a very positive, respectful way.

The only quibble I had is that both books talked about God coming to set up his kingdom on earth at the end of the world, something I am not entirely sure about when I read the Bible. Not anxious to get into a debate about this issue, but when considering the different theories about what is going to happen at the end of the world, I count myself as a ‘pan-millenialist‘– in other words, I don’t think the Bible is completely clear on what will happen, and so I’m waiting to see what pans out. Despite this issue, I felt these books were worth reading and sharing with my kids. I found much to like in both.

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  1. A pan-millenialist–I love it! I’ll need to remember it. Thanks for sharing that link and also the books.