Maybe somebody stuck it on the ceiling?

A creative relative recently redid the family’s answering machine message. The new message is the typical ” Hello, you’ve reached the ______ Family. We can’t reach the phone right now….” except it features the entire family singing the message. I was grinning so much after I heard the message that when I hung up the phone, my kids demanded an explanation.

I sang the message to demonstrate what I’d heard. The four year old listened gravely, then said with some concern, “But WHY can’t they reach the phone? Is it too high?”

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  1. that is a very cute story! good luck with the homestudy- but you are a pro at this!!!!

  2. Too cute! I miss hearing things like that from my brothers (the youngest is seven- though he can still be pretty funny!) I can’t wait until my baby sis gets to the funny-quote age!

  3. It took me a bit, but that title is a hoot!

  4. I think it is great when kids think out loud…thinking and praying for your adoption process!!

  5. this is so funny – love the image!


  6. She’s hilarious!

  7. thanks for the comment on my blog….it’s so nice to be able to get connected with people who have gone through this whole crazy process!!