Across the world tonight…

… i blogged here about falling in love.

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  1. I’m praying that Gods plan will be clear very soon for you.

    If you have a moment, could you pop over to my site, to give your opinion on parents feeding their children not-yet-bought food in supermarkets?!

    I’m not ready for children yet, but I do hope that I will remember the type of mother that I hope to be.

  2. That was beautiful, Mary 🙂 They certainly are precious kids, and they are in my prayers as well!

  3. Gorgeous post Mary!!!

  4. Living in a town which is home to a major state university, although also many miles away from the tragedy, we are definitely being watchful for our students.

    And my brother is on staff at VTech, so our phone has been getting quite a workout.

    You mentioned the new youngster coming through the security gate, and brought a whisp of a memory when my friend Mary brought her daughter *home* almost 5 years ago.
    Sigh, it’s nice to have a good thought today.

  5. Agh…so describes that lump-in-the-throat feeling parenthood gives sometimes, when you just need to feel them next to you to know they’re still yours. I’m sure the homecoming surreal and serene at the same time. Congrats to your sis, by the way!

    The best quote about loving kids I know fits with this post. It goes something like – “To truly love is to forever have your heart running around outside your body. ” Sounds like your heart is just all over the place — college, Ethiopia. 🙂 Motherhood is just like that.