I signed up for Netflix recently and we’ve been loving it. Too, too, convenient!

Of the ones we’ve seen lately

Best: Facing the Giants
Saddest (oddly): Pursuit of Happyness (despite the happy 39 seconds at the end)
Worst: The Holiday (gag, gag)
Next in our Queue: The Perfect Score, The Future of Food

What should I add to my list?

(Not that I have time for movies with a social worker coming this week to look at our house– ack!!!)

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  1. A few of our most recent favorites were Evelyn and The Illusionist. Along the lines of The Illusionist was The Prestige.

  2. We loved “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Mrs. Henderson Presents”. Both absolutely wonderful. Haven’t seen much else lately, all kids’ movies!

  3. “Stranger than Fiction” has been one of my favorites of late. A good character-driven film.

    Also thought-provoking and a little challenging was “Children of Men.” A little violent, but it really underscores what a miracle children are.

  4. I also enjoyed The Illusionist. For teens, perhaps, but not the younger ones, I’d say. (One of those “gratuitous” scenes in there, you know?)

    Pursuit of Happyness had some good lessons in there for my kids. Good choice. Haven’t seen “Happy Feet” but I hear it’s cute.

    Man! I haven’t watched many movies lately. I should work on that!

  5. We have gotten into getting season’s of TV shows from Netflix. They put 4 episodes on each disc. Lost is great and I have heard that 24 and The office are good too. We don’t have cable (and the rabbit ears don’t even work), so this is a way to watch the best of TV without commercials. Firefly is also a great show, although somewhat unknown.

  6. CanadianCarrie says:

    I do the same thing with our Canadian version, LOVE it, so much easier than going to the video store with 2 little ones. I just watched Take the Lead, it was really good, I was a little bit disappointed by Million Dollar Baby though. The Notebook, North Country, Nanny Mcphee were all good ones too.

  7. CanadianCarrie says:

    OOps, I hit submit before I oculd wish you good luck on your adoption! Good Luck! Your family is beautiful, you are excellent parents, I don’t see why any social worker would turn you down for this adoption.

  8. We just started watching the 24 series. I usually am not excited about that type show but it is good! What is nice is not having to worry as much about the inappropriate situations/language as with a movie. It is more tame since it is on television.

  9. Season One of 24!!! It’s addicting!

  10. We’ve recently seen Akeelah and the Bee, Stranger Than Fiction and Sophie Scholl – the Final Days. We also watch TV series that we have missed like House, MD’s last season. I have a huge list in my queue – way too many!

  11. Definitely add Little Miss Sunshine.

  12. I second (third?) Little Miss Sunshine. Add to the list Everything is Illuminated, Chronicles of Narnia, and Thank you for Smoking.

  13. Hey, we signed up with Netflix not long ago, too, and among our first few movies were The Pursuit of Happyness and Facing the Giants! I love the service, too. It makes me want to spend more time watching movies, but at least I am finally getting to things like ironing, since I always feel that I must be productive for the luxury of watching.

    Also rented two that we’d seen before and I liked: The Lake House and The Notebook. (Pride and Prejudice would have been on the romantic list, too, if I didn’t already own it!) The Lake House was nice the second time because the time element made more sense, but it drove my husband nuts because he couldn’t fathom how it all came together.

    Hmmm… A little bit older movie I always liked is Awakenings, with Robin WIlliams and Robert DeNiro. If you’re in the mood for a good, clean, enjoyable, lush romantic story (a bit sappy, but very forgiveable) that doesn’t make you think too hard or try to change the world, definitely try A Walk in the Clouds, with Keanu Reeves.
    AFTER your homestudy stuff is done, that is. I want to see those precious ones home, too! Congratulations on your new nephew, too, by the way!

  14. Eragon. It’s very much like a mix between Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia. My seven year old loved it, but I think I loved it just as much (if not more).

  15. isn’t netflix the best?? i actually think it is a great gift for new parents…whi suddely can’t leave the house. 🙂
    my husband and i enjoy renting old movies from netflix like some of the old doris day movies…so fun.

  16. Oh! We love Netflix too! I am saving a fortune in late penalties!!!

    The kids love combing through all the movies and adding them to our wish list!

  17. Another vote for Stranger Than Fiction!

  18. If you like watching foreign films (subtitled, of course!) I think Ushpizin is awesome (in Hebrew). My children loved it! Other good foreign films are Children of Heaven (in Farsi), The Color of Beautiful (sad, but good, also in Farsi), The Way Home (very touching, very little talking, Korean), and Rabbit Proof Fence (Australian, in English!). I like foreign films because you hardly ever waste your time on them. By the time they make it here, they have to have some substance…usually.

  19. Check out the past season’s of “Monk”. You just gotta love that guy!

  20. forgot another one we enjoyed with the big kids – “Heart and Souls”, it is an oldie, but goodie. The big kids also like “Sister Act”.

  21. We just started this (though Blockbuster) – we love it too!! Oh dear….I know you gotta lot of recs for Little Miss Sunshine….maybe it’s just me, but I thought that movie was horrible. There’s loads of scenes with porn AND the “F” word. If you don’t mind that, then it might be an OK movie, but unfortunately – that’s all I remember 🙁

    We really liked Sophie Scholl – The Final Days! We also really liked Akeelah and the Bee. Right now we have Ushpizin, and I’m looking forward to watching that!

    An older movie that we’d never heard of, watched recently, and REALLY liked is The Four Feathers – great movie!

    We just watched Facing the Giants and The Pursuit of Happyness as well. Ahhhhh….The Pursuit of Happyness would have been horrible if it weren’t a true story….but it being a true story…..made it worth watching – lots to learn from that movie…THOUGH I had to watch it in 2 segments (it was way too heavy for me to do it in one!!!).

    We’re waiting on Amazing Grace!!! I’m really looking forward to seeing that movie when it comes out!!! And we added one (I think it might be Disney) on the story of Ruby Bridges!

    We’re also big foreign film fans!

    let us know what you add – we’re always lookin for good movies!

  22. I love Netflix also because we get to watch movies we otherwise would never see. The Documentary: March of the Penquins is wonderful. I’ll add a couple to the list above: One Night With The King(the story of Esther), Thief Lord, Ladies In Lavender.
    I so admire what you’re doing with the adoptions. I am thankful that God is using you this way. What a blessing this is to you and to others!

  23. Two wonderful, artistic documentaries that your whole family can watch:
    Rivers and Tides
    Touch The Sound

    We loved them both.