A Veggie Tale

This evening we had asparagus for dinner. It is one of my favorite foods of spring. I like to cook it crisp-tender and serve it with just a dab of butter and salt. I hopefully laid one perfect spear on my four year old’s plate. She stabbed the spear and held it up for an appraising look.

“When I was a baby, I didn’t like asparagus,” she informed us. She flopped it disdainfully back on her plate. “Not now either.”

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  1. My five year-old loves to tell me about “a long time ago, when I was four…” I was always told how fast they grow up, but I had no idea.

  2. Tell her they’re baby trees. Maybe that will help?! Of course, a little soy sauce never hurt either. 8^)

  3. Oh, that’s funny. Kids that age say so many cute things!

  4. Snort. My four-year-old is very wary of asparagus as well. I like to roast it with olive oil and kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (adjusted for size of asparagus)… YUM!

  5. Well, as a kid I didn´t like asparagus, either. Now, becomming a “wise” grown up I love it. You see, there´s hope for your little one and maybe for my boys, too (they don´t even look at it). For me it is, like yours, my favourite dish in spring. I like to serve it cooked al dente, with new potatos, melted butter (don´t care for calories and colesterol at thi time of the year 🙂 ) and thin slices of ham – delicious!

  6. Oh, I love my asparagas (and green beans) the same way as dcrmom (#4)!!!

    Cute, cute!! Samuel is doing a lot of “when I was a baby….” sayings lately. I thought it was because of the new baby in the house! : ) Guess not!

    So, are ya’ll adopting an infant or toddler?

  7. Funny.

    I love my asparagus roasted in the oven – a new method I just learned – with olive oil instead of butter. MMMMMM

  8. She is a precocious little one, isn’t she? So cute!! Have you tried drizzling a little balsamic vinegar over steamed asparagus? Yummy!! I also like to grill it… can’t get enough of it!