If I was a really good mother….

….I’d be cleaning her up and telling her to stop eating off the floor.

But then I wouldn’t have these pictures.

(Note: she grabbed the cereal out of the cupboard after turning up her nose at whole wheat toast, fresh oranges, and homemade applesauce.)

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  1. Oh please. I think my baby throws food on the floor so he has something to eat later. I read somewhere that kids who live in overly clean houses are more pron to allergies. I just look at my house as a pound of prevention. 🙂

  2. Then my house must be a ton of prevention! However, my kids can only eat off the floor if they are fast enough to beat the dogs to it. The dogs are like my huggable dustbusters! They even clean up milk spills:)

  3. Too cute : ) Keziah has been known to find dried left over “things” underneath her booster seat AND in her bib : ( GROSS, I know! She keeps going back for more, but I told her this morning she’s going to get sick one day when she does that!

  4. Oh but how do you say no to a face like that…very sweet!


  5. That is cute. My 2 year old loves to dump her food out on the floor then eat it too, must be something I am missing!!

  6. Well at least your carpet is remarkably clean! And fuzz is a good fiber alternative…

  7. Hi! – I found your blog through Shawnda. My husband and I are in the domestic adoption process right now, but we are praying about an adoption from Ethiopia in the future. Your blog looks like a great resource. I look forward to reading more. =)


  8. Flavorite!! Got to love WinCo!

    Your babes are beautiful!

  9. Ha ha! This made my morning. (And made me feel better about my son eating Cheerio’s off of our floor too…)

  10. Serriously – it was worth it for the pictures!

  11. Great pictures. I caught my 19-month eating dried apple slices off the floor yesterday. The very wrong thing about that is I can ‘t remember when I last cut apple slices. Days? Weeks?

  12. mariannauke says:

    ah but shes pure cuteness!!!! id forgive her anything, and spoil her rotten too!!

  13. What a beautiful little girl, beautiful eyes!!
    I am pretty sure you are a good mom. A good mom sees the humor in things like this and that is just what you did!


  14. i really don’t blame her. i’d have to go for the corn flakes too!

  15. Those are great pictures and I’m SURE your carpet is clean enough not to worry. 😉 I have an equally flattering picture of my mothering/lunchmaking abilities with my 3 year old gnawing pizza off the cardboard (I believe it was left over from the night before).