Remember the onions?

Way back last October, I told you about getting free onions every year. Most years I feel fortunate if I have onions past Christmas. One year I made it all the way till February before I had to buy onions at the store. Well, this year we’ve been eating onions steadily and we still have some left. Recently I went through and checked them, tossing the mushy or sprouted ones, and we still have a whole box of good onions left! Nice firm crisp ones too.

Now that it’s spring and the garage temperature is warming up, I expect they won’t last tons longer. But I am so thrilled that they have lasted this long. I think the way we wrapped them this year helped a lot. Instead of just layering them with newspaper in boxes, we rolled 3 or 4 onions together into a sheet of newspaper, making a kind of ‘burrito’. That way if an onion went bad, it only affected the onion right next to it.

I don’t know if many people can get free onions like we’ve been able to, but I bet lots of people could buy a big sack for a good price at a farmer’s market in the fall, and save them for months this way.

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  1. Stick the sprouting ones in the ground, then you’ll have your own next year (or maybe in the summer, I think you can make them into a spring crop). Then again, since they’re free, maybe it’s best to concentrate your gardening efforts on other stuff.

    Love the new banner by the way. Did you design it yourself?

  2. re: the banner
    Never mind, I found the answer buried in the post farther down that I hadn’t gotten to.

  3. Yum, yum, yum. Great idea! This kind of post is just one of the reasons that I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger award/meme! Check it out at and post the button on your sidebar if you like — you’ve earned it!

  4. Christ is Risen!

    We get them from our CSA, and they do keep a long time.

  5. Have you ever followed behind the onion trucks…they drop quite a few, especially since they take those corners at a pretty good clip. 🙂

  6. Interesting! I’ve always wondered about storing vegetables all winter long, but I’ve never done it? May I ask what is the average temperature of your garage? Up here in the tundra, our garage is well below freezing, but our basement is in the mid-60s.

  7. So, the newspaper-burrito-wrapping-technique: you think if I did that with the kids, if one of them turned out rotten, they’d only ruin the one next to them? Just hedgin’ my bets here.


  8. We get great big bags of the Vidalia onions every year when they are harvested. They aren’t the best keepers, so one year I spent a day making ziplock baggies of minced, diced and chopped onions and put them in my deep freezer so we could enjoy them even after the rest had been eaten or tossed. It works great, freezing onions like this, for convenience and speed when cooking… but (and there’s always a but) everything, and I do mean everything, in that deep freezer ended up smelling like onions. Some of it even had a nuance of onion flavor (and no one likes that in their ice cream).

    So unless you have a smaller freezer that you could designate for onion use, I wouldn’t recommend the freezing.. *g*

  9. Wow!! I never knew they could last so long … then of course, what did they do in the times when there were no refrigerators!

    Love your new look!