Is there such a thing as gardener’s elbow?

Easter is at our house this year, so along with all the mailbox-checking I’ve been doing this week, the kids and I have also been getting the yard into shape. We have a huge flowerbed edging our back yard– about 3 feet deep and 100 feet long. We have mostly daisies and roses in that flowerbed, along with some mums and a few bushes. Most of the perennials were overgrown with weeds.

I’ve been meaning for years to put down landscape fabric to make the weeding easier. We finally got around to it this week. What a job! I was so glad to have the help of my bigger kids. It took 12 bags of bark and hours and hours of many people working. Ugh. Today I have gardener’s elbow! But I’m thrilled because the landscape fabric is going to make maintainance so much easier.

Saturday we’re getting together for brunch with my side of the family (not at my house). I’m bringing my favorite Christmas breakfast casserole.

And Sunday John’s side of the family is coming for dinner after church at our house. It should be 22 people, counting us. The kids are thrilled because Easter egg hunting will be happening both places. Yesterday my sweets-loving eight year old was heard dreamily trying to decide if Easter or Halloween was better for candy. What are you all doing this year?

(And, yes, it was Everyday Mommy who did my header. Didn’t she do an amazing job?? She even offered to update it for free when we get new kids! Isn’t that fun?? I love it! Thanks so much, Jules!)

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  1. oooh thanks for the recipe!! i am hosting easter brunch then making dessert and 2 side dishes for easter dinner. so i am excited to have something different than my tried and true egg/sausage/crescent roll make ahead brunch casserole. thanks!

  2. Love the new look!

  3. I love your new header! I can tell just who each of the figures represents. Somebody did a great job matching the kids with a cartoon representation!

    Easter? Still have no idea as of right now. I hope to have a more solid idea tomorrow after Jessica’s baby shower at my church…Hope, that is…otherwise, it may be beans and cornbread for the noon meal. 🙂

  4. Jules did an awesome job on your header!!!! Can’t wait to see more faces up there 🙂

  5. I just had to tell you what a cute header you have!!! (even though everyone is beating me to it) Great job… makes me smile!

  6. Love it! Fits you perfectly!

  7. Love, love, love the new look. I just can’t stop looking at it!

    Yes, gardener’s elbow, gardener’s knee, garderner’s back . . .

    And I’m cracking up, ’cause you’re having 22 people to your house . . . but almost half of them LIVE there. I just love that.


  8. Wonderful new header, Mary! “When we get new kids” made me giggle, though…makes it sound like you’re replacing the “old” ones…

  9. OK, how about, when we get MORE kids? (Lord-willing)


    BTW, the verse on your blog this evening is stunning…

  10. love, love, love the header!

  11. Love your header!

  12. your header is awesome!!

  13. The header looks great. I can’t wait to see the triplets up there 😉

  14. The header is wonderful! We have also been attacking the garden here. I actually caught my son chopping up the archway which had broken, with my loppers. Sigh. Oh well…..

  15. This is such a cool blog…so appealing that I bookmarked it.

  16. This Blog has been in my Bookmarks for months, but I thought I had been brought to the wrong place because of the new header!

    This is really cute! but I do miss all the little owls up there.
    Do you have a category for Previous Headers or something?

    Easter brunch is something long in the past for us, which is why I love reading about your family gatherings.

  17. What a wonderful banner! Yes, Jules has an amazing talent and she has certainly found the perfect design for you!

    I love it!

  18. Mary,

    Just wanted you to know that the author of the poem on my blog is little old me. ;o)

    I never know whether I’m supposed to reply to people’s comments on my blog, or on theirs…so confusing! *sob*!

  19. Love the header 🙂

  20. Cool header!
    I’m very sorry to say that we don’t have any Easter plans this year. 🙁 We’ll have a nice family dinner and spend the day relishing in the victory of the Risen One, but our extended family is otherwise engaged with new babies and elder care. And in my confusion over whether to do Easter egg hunts and candy, or just focus on Jesus, I’ve ended up with no plans… ah, my poor kids. This probably won’t scar them for life though!

  21. Love the new look! Very cute.

  22. I *LOVE* your new header!

  23. I’m in agreement with all the others!

    Easter Greetings from Ireland

  24. Love the new header!! It looks like your kids! How awesome is that?!

    Leaving in less than 12 hours for Ethiopia!

    Love, Rach

  25. your new header is the most adorable thing i have seen!