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God is merciful.


Our wonderful social worker has our homestudy WRITTEN! More details over here if you are interested, but suffice it to say that we are getting really close to getting information on the kids we’ve been praying about for a month!


Psalm 33:20


When your kid says, “I don’t want it anymore” while settling into bed and you’re too tired to investigate what she just decided to toss onto the bed, don’t optimistically assume she’s tossing her teddy bear.

Because when you climb in bed next to her, you might step right in it and end up picking bubble gum off the bottom of your foot at 10 p.m.

At least it was sugarless. (Because, yeah, that means you forgot to brush her teeth, too.)


I remember driving when I was pregnant with our first daughter. Especially near the end of my pregnancy, belly huge, I felt fragile, vulnerable, impossibly protective of this little person so dependent on my life for her own.

The day she was born, I sat in the back seat with her on the ride home, watching her every breath, and almost holding my own in my concern over her.

Each time I’ve gotten on an airplane since I’ve become a mother, there is again a breathlessness in me, a prayer that I will be back. It is not about a grandiose sense of self-importance. It is because I know the importance of a mother to a child. I have so much I still long to do for my precious ones. I want to walk this journey of motherhood to completion, to get each and every one of my loved ones launched into adulthood safely.

Today, as I was driving around town, with my packet of meticulously gathered documents, I felt full of the same vulnerability. I winced when people passed me too fast on the freeway. I drove with extra caution. The documents are a pregnancy in a way, a promise of a future. Let me get these delivered. Please let me bring my children home.

At times like these, I am desperately aware of the significance I hold in the lives of these precious children, both the ones across the ocean who I pray will be mine, and the ones I hug and pray over right now. It can be terrifying to be so important to so many. I know that if something did happen to me, God could work that for good in their lives too. But, oh, I want to be there.

Let me be there, Lord. Please let me be there for them.

Dinner Tonight

Potato Carrot Curry served with corn tortillas. I used more carrot and potato since I have no idea what ridge gourd is…and I used dried yellow split peas. I think this would be good with injera too.

Remember, y’all have only a few more hours to enter the drawing for the Bono book (scroll down for details!)

Bloggy Stuff

I have a tidbit over at Larger Families this morning. Go tell me what you learned in April, OK?

Also, my Golden Keyboard winner this week answering the question of how to nurture the relationship with your spouse is I Agree With Me. Go say Hi, and thanks to everyone for your great comments!

Gone, gone, gone, gone….

I am happy to report that my dossier packet hit our mailbox around noon today, and after a frantically busy afternoon of organizing, driving, notarizing, and certifying, the completed dossier arrived at the local UPS store around 4 pm to be shipped out to our agency. It should arrive at AAI by 10:30 tomorrow.

Gone. It’s gone! Hooray!

When our homestudy arrives there (hopefully by next week!) we will have REAL news to share. But for now I am basking in the knowledge that most of our paperwork is done. Hooray!!

“I’m just the little girl…”

People have asked what our kids have to say about our adoption plans. Their responses have been interesting — and encouraging. Our oldest (age 19) will probably be least affected, since she is at college and only comes home weekends. But she’s thrilled, and told me she can’t wait to start telling people she is the oldest of ten.

Our second daughter, age 17, shares a room with our college daughter, and has seemed to be enjoying the quiet in her room these days. That’s why she touched my heart when she told me she’d be glad to have a new child in her room. Her only request was that it be an older girl. I knew she’d welcome another child into our home, but I didn’t expect her to offer her own bedroom.

Our 12 and 15 year old sons are perhaps the most low-key about this. “Sounds fun,” shrugged the 12 year old. “As long as they don’t share our room,” was my 15 year old’s smiling response. No chance of that. Their room has an awesome view and is one of my favorite rooms in the house, but it totals 100 square feet — counting the square footage where the ceiling slopes over the foot of each of their beds.

Our 8 and 9 year old sons are campaigning for a boy to go in their room with them. They think dad should make them a triple bunk bed, and say they will share their Legos. But they agreed that even a girl would be nice to play soccer with.

Our two year old is a little young to understand what we’re contemplating. But I am sure she’ll be fine with it, especially since she gets to stay the ‘baby’ AND she’ll have even more people doting over her.

Our four year old is the only kid who really has a room of her own right now. You’d think she might enjoy that special privilege. Nope. She hates it. Almost every night she complains about the desperate loneliness of her night life. Nevermind that two brothers sleep exactly 16 feet away, and mom, dad, and baby sis sleep 18 feet the other direction. She’s alone and she doesn’t like it. This evening when I was tucking her in, she sobbed, with her trademark flair for the dramatic, “I’m just the little girl who sleeps all alone.” (I think she was a mite overtired.)

She is utterly delighted with the idea of a new sister to share her space. “Then I won’t have to be so lonely!” she sighs contentedly.

Yup. I’m guessing there may be a moment or two down the road when she thinks wistfully back to the time when she had a bedroom all to herself. But for now we’ll enjoy her enthusiasm –and all our children’s enthusiasm– for sharing their rooms and their lives with another child or two.

Did you?

Did you watch Idol tonight? I hope so.

The ONE Campaign

(I’m hoping to have good news on the adoption front by Friday…)