Breakfast in the car

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  1. This is brilliant.

    I think I will be stealing this idea!

    This is always the problem with car trips – how do you eat healthy along the way with out spending tons of money!

    Great solution!

  2. i could use one of those on my drive to work every morning. 🙂

  3. Lollllsszzz…

    your breakfast looks yummy.. kind of making me hungry already @@”

    mind sharing some pls ? 😛

    😀 gooday to you too!

  4. Those boxes are on the shelf at our SAM’s store. I thought so that small business owners could get them without ordering a truckload delivered.
    Although we bought a case for a church event, then found many uses.

    This is a great idea for a family, especially with as many people as yours.

  5. This is a GREAT idea!!! Can’t believe you didn’t save it for WFMW!!


  6. My goodness, you are organized! Have a wonderful trip!!

  7. Before we got married the above thought would have been unthinkable. Since the arrival of our two children reality wins. I blogged about “Mom Your Ride” the other day. I think you may enjoy the attached video link.