This week in numbers

Number of evenings my teenagers spent at Missoula Children’s Theater practice this week: 5

Number of times we ate out this week: 3

Number of performances scheduled for Saturday: 2

Number of blog posts I wrote: 28 (half to autopost next week, most on my Ethiopia blog)

Number of medical appointments this week: 3

Number of cavities my daughter had: 7

Number of times she will be returning to the dentist to have them fixed: 3

Number of dollars this dental work will cost: (fingers in ears) “Lalalalala…don’t tell me!!”

Number of hours spent driving: too many to count

Number of evenings I fed my husband eggs and toast for dinner: 2

Number of things I still have to do before we leave for the coast: Zillions (it baffles the mind)

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  1. NUmber of Missoula Children’s Theatre productions my two have been in : 2

    It’s the BEST!

    (Sorry about the dental work. We heard the words “root canal” and “crown” at Kati’s last one. Ugh)

  2. Elaine Raakman says:

    Hi, I’ve been a faithful visitor to your ethiopian adoption blog site. However for a number of weeks now I cannot access this site – which is REALLY upsetting. From every search engine I get a message saying we can’t find the server. Is there a problem? Do you have any advice for me?

  3. I loved seeing the word Missoula. Brings back to many memories since I was born in Great Falls and grew up around Bozeman. Thanks for the trip down memory lane and I hope things slow down for you…

  4. 🙂 So cute. Very you. Number of times I kissed up in this comment: 2


  5. It will all be worth it once your feet hit the sand :o).

    Yohannes is headed to the dentist soon for similar problems with his teeth. UGH, poor kiddos!


  6. Sounds like one busy week for you Mary!!