Toddler Speak: The Answers… this quiz

1. ‘finning’= swinging (her favorite activity)
2. ‘dam’= jam (her favorite breakfast) ((what’s that? Jam isn’t breakfast??))
3. ‘pusdetty’= spaghetti (her favorite food)
4. ‘peddent’= present (her favorite thing to receive)
5. ‘peent’= pink (her favorite color)
6. ‘wuv’ = love (favorite thing to say to mommy: “I wuv you, Mommy!”)
7.’Tifford’= Clifford (favorite morning show)
8. ‘Yi-ting Teen’= Lightning McQueen (her favorite movie star)
9. “sivvah-weh”= silverware (favorite job)
10. “doddy”= doggy (her favorite pet)

You all did great! Most everyone got at least 5 right. Linds was the champion with 8 right. But Heather was the genius toddler-speech-decoder who got Lightning McQueen, which I didn’t think anyone would get!!

What cute things do your preschoolers say?

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  1. Woohoo!!!!!!!!! How great is that, she says, dancing around the kitchen. It is easy to make me smile! I have no idea who Lightning whoseyouwhatsit is, though. At least I can understand your babe. I love little ones!

  2. Emma laughed while I read your daughters interpretations! How cute!

    Did you hear that the 2006 Homeschooling Blog Awards are up?

    Talk soon,

  3. Baby Redneck’s favorites:
    ha-toppy (hot coffee – she LOVES the stuff)
    see-yow innabow wif miwk (cereal in a bowl with milk – particular much?)

    I love, love, LOVE toddlerspeak!

  4. I didn’t guess in the comments, but I thought that #8 was Lion King, guess she’s too young for that one, and mine are too old to know Lightening McQueen! 🙂

  5. sightsabove says:

    My favorite word in our household is “blink-blinks” (aka blankets). And He-wo (for Hello) is pretty darn cute too.

  6. I can’t think of too many off the top of my head for my current Toddler in Residence (stuff like “se-we-al” for cereal and “skwo-wul” for squirrel– some toddler R’s and L’s mostly), but I think that’s because what makes us laugh even more often is the way so many perfectly enunciated and mature-sounding statements just flow out of her little baby mouth. It’s just so surprising that it’s comical, and we get comments on it in public all the time (“Oh, my gosh! She speaks as well as my 7 year old!” someone actually said recently.)

    Lately she’s taken to saying with an affected adult manner, “Thank you SO much,” whenever even tiny things are done for her. And whenever someone thanks her, she responds with a very expressive, warm and pleasant, “YOU’RE welcome!” that makes me smile every time. Except she doesn’t get sarcasm just yet. The other day, upon discovering some of her handiwork, I said, “Oh, no! Thank you, Sarah, for emptying all of your drawers all over the room so Mommy wil have enough work to do.” Of course she was very pleased with herself and, as I should have known, piped up with a sincere and cheery, “YOU’RE welcome, Mommy!!”

  7. How funny my 3 year old says the same thing for pink;)

  8. Oh yeah and she says alot of funny things but I think my fav is “all by myyelf. She leaves out that “s” and it is just sooo cute. She is 3 and soo independent now..he he.

  9. And “tag-guh” means it’s your turn to do the Wiki Meme.

  10. There was a while when Husband had his photographer’s darkroom in our basement.

    Middle Son was age 3 at the time, and he called the smelly liquids in the trays ‘kink-a-ples’ (chemicals). He knew they were never to be touched, since all the bottles and trays were marked with a skull-and-crossbones.
    Its name was Poyz-onnne (poison).

    I have an old cassette tape of him telling a story about Daddy in the Darkroom with kinkaples making pick-chers.
    One of our most precious keepsakes.

    ps Somewhere in your recent Comments is mention of being too old for the movie CARS.
    Well, I had it on my Christmas Wish List, and found a dvd all wrapped up on top of my gift pile.
    I’m 50 years old, but I do love Lightning McQueen.

  11. very cute!!