Blogger Frustration

I’ve got a stupid problem here that is tempting me to beat my head against the nearest wall. Somehow in setting up his own gmail account, my son took over my existing gmail account, which is what I use to access the new Blogger. I need this account because of my participation at and also any time I comment on Blogger blogs. Now, every time I want to access, I have to use my son’s email address and HIS password (which I keep forgetting.)

I WANT to figure out unattach his gmail account from my blogs. (It’s like we’re joined at the hip–we can’t figure out if his gmail should show HIS profile or mine.) But I can’t figure out a way to change the main email address on my Blogger account. The best I can figure to do is to add a new user to the blogs that I am attached to. But that still leaves his gmail address attached to my accounts. Anyone have any clues to wrestling the dreaded gmail/Blogger-beta juggernaut?

(And if you happen to get a comment from computrguru, it’s actually ME. Please reply by using the email address on the WHO’S OWLHAVEN tab of this blog!)

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  1. I have the SAME problem. I want to know how to fix this too….. grrr

  2. Not sure- I’m no computer guru… but I think you can change the email address by going under “edit profile”. It seems as though you will still have to log in with the original email address, but you can change the address to which comments, etc. are directed.

  3. Hey! Its Heather from Especially Heather- I have started blogging about our homeschool adventure and could really use your input on my last post- I would greatly appreciate it!


  4. I did this the other day and I am trying to remember how. I think you can go to Dashboard and then rather than click “Edit my profile” go to “My account” and on the left handside you will see your personal information and it will say “change email” or “change password”.


  5. I find that is one of the kids in om gmail and logs in to their account, it pulls their account up when I go to comment. I have to hit “login under a different account” on Blooger comments, then re-post my comment, again ugh!, and then sign in. Once I do that, I’m safe til they log in again under gmail.

    I’ll be happy if you find a work around. I’m stumped, too.

  6. I just updated my old old blogger account to the new one, and now I can’t comment to Blogger blogs. Says my password isn’t right.


  7. Just wanted to thank you for adding me and for your kind words about your blog.

    I got brickwalled from gmail by the need for a cellphone to join, so I went with yahoo – no help here! Sorry!

  8. Ah, the interweb can be so much fun….

  9. I think I might be able to help you with this, if no one has done so already. Email me, okay?