partners in pig stys

We’re getting ready to head out of town for a few days. We’ve arranged to have a neighbor house-sit. So along with getting packed, we’ve been straightening the house up for the housesitters. (Does anyone else do that or is it just crazy me?)

Anyway, I told my eight and nine year olds that they were going to need to clean up their room so that the house-sitter will not fall over in shock or break her leg when she comes into their room to feed their fish.

I thought I had a valid point until my eight year old piped up: “Oh, she won’t care! Remember when we took care of their animals last year? We saw her room then, and it was PIG STY! It was even messier than ours.”

All of a sudden I loved our neighbors even more.

I still made the boys clean up their bedroom though.

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  1. How fortunate to have a neighbor like that! (I’d have cleaned up too!)

    We don’t use house sitters, but we live across the street from a cop, and he keeps an eye out for us when we’re away. Now that’s fortunate!

  2. We have a police officer across the street too, plus a very active neighborhood watch group!


  3. I know – I love house-sitting! I always come away feeling refreshed at the slovenliness of others. Then I feel guilty. But mostly refreshed.

  4. Liz in Australia says:

    If someone is actually *staying* in our house to look after our gazillion animals, we clean it up for them before we go. Otherwise they might take a wrong turn through the teetering piles of junk, and never be seen again.

    Just kidding.

    Kind of.

  5. love that! i’m always glad to find out people are as messy as we are. don’t you hate to pop in on someone and find their house is spotless?!

  6. Does your neighbor read your blog?

  7. Denise,

    hehe– don’t think so….

    But she’d probably just laugh. And since then, my older daughter has informed me that the neighbor girl’s bedroom was not near as messy as my boys’. (Darn….)


  8. There’s a family that my husband and I really admire. He took the senior photographs for their son’s high-school grad. (This was before we’d even been in their home.) He came home that night in great excitement to tell me that their home wasn’t spotless! We were so happy!
    Isn’t it funny how much it matters to us? But it does–we all feel judged on our housekeeping.